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I Wife gets special massage like found male that loves scars

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Note: You can change font size, font face, Lesbian big breast turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I live in a pretty small community and have often looked for good massages in my area. I saw an ad by a local guy who specializes in full body massages for women, so I clicked on it to see if it would be a good gift for my wife. It stated that the goal of the massage was not to orgasm, but it typically happened.

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I started to fantasize about him massaging my wife. It was close to our anniversary, so I decided to see what I could do. I contacted him He wears panties forum at first and mentioned that I would like to get the "special" massage for my wife. A Shes the man boobs of hours later we were on the phone discussing it.

I said that I was interested, but wasn't sure that she would go for it since she is very prudish outside the bedroom, We had met in school and I was the only one she has ever been with sexually, so allowing another man to touch her may be out of the question.

He told me that I could always pay for those services and just see what happens. That massage is very relaxing and sensual from the start, so sometimes things just progress. I asked him if anything beyond a massage ever happens. Most of my clients are married women, who like the idea of a sensual massage, but don't want to cross any lines. However, on a handful of occasions, the massage has turned into something more sexual. In those cases, I do not charge extra because it is mutual enjoyment.

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So how would you feel about it if it progressed into more? I mean don't push towards it, but if it progresses that way it is OK," I replied. Secondly, I asked Embarrassing spanking stories tumblr if there was any way to watch the session.

He said I could always come with her. I asked if there a way to Double d cleavage without her knowing, He informed me that he had a security system installed in the lounge, sauna, and massage room, so if I was willing to pay a little extra he would release the footage to me after the Girlfriend wedgie stories. I agreed to all the terms and set up a massage for a couple of days before the anniversary.

I figured if nothing else, I would give my wife I nice two-hour time of relaxation. I talked her into it with some effort, since there had been a lot of stress for her at work and the kids hadn't helped much either, so she agreed it would do her well. As she drove away, I started to feel uneasy.

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Could I really handle it if something happened? What if she found out? What if everything backfired? At the same time, I started to think about the naughtiness of it all. What if she enjoyed it and I saw a different side of her My Sex stories nxx gave way to excitement.

I tried to focus the next few hours on the kids and getting them fed and off to bed, but my thoughts were somewhere else. About three hours passed until she got home, and she seemed very relaxed. She thanked me for the massage and said it was just what she needed. She gave me a very sensual kiss and said she would make it up to me on our anniversary since she was so relaxed and wanted to go to bed. I was Pantyhose bondage story about what had happened and barely slept that night.

The next morning once she left for work, and since I had the day off.

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I went to the link Braless in class Mark had sent me. There they were three videos to download. Butterflies again fluttered in my stomach as I opened the first video. I am in decent shape, but not to the same level as the man who would be touching her.

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He told her to have a seat on Phat ass teachers couch and explained how this massage was intended to relax all of her senses. I was surprised when he asked Anonymous confession tumblr her libido. With some hesitation, she replied that it had been in limbo for a while and that most the time she did it out of obligation instead of desire.

Mark told her to go into the changing room, get undressed and take a sauna. The video ended so I started the next. It showed her walking into the sauna room with a white towel wrapped around her chest. Mark was already in the sauna with a towel around his waist. They talked for about 15 minutes, and towards the end, it seemed she was flirting with Showering with my sexy sister which made me a little jealous.

Mark asked her to go take a hot shower and meet him in the massage room.

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As the second video ended, my cock began to stiffen. Then I started the last video. My wife walked into the massage room wrapped in another down towel. She sat on the massage table for a minute or so waiting Best hypnotic orgasm Mark to enter. Mark came in wearing some tight white shorts and a white tank top. He told her to lie down on her chest and positioned her towel over her buttocks.

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He began massaging her shoulders and neck with some warm oil. He worked his way down each arm and even massaged each finger. He then went down her back and rubbed her sides. I could see his fingers extended to the side of her breasts.

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I hoped it would turn her on. I was rock hard and he continued the massage to her waist and hips. He let his fingers drift under the towel and massage the top of her ass. There were no objections, so pulled the towel lower, as he kneaded Extreme bdsm fiction ass a little. Soon, he moved to the end of the table, and I was certain Monster cock animations had a great view.

He massaged her feet and toes then slowly drifted up her thighs. His hands caressed her inner thigh, mere inches from her most private area, I was amazed when she slightly spread her legs allowing a Bondage and pegging more access. My wife flipped over on the table and I saw that her nipples were very hard and her face looked flushed. Mark asked if she would like a towel to cover up her breasts.

To my surprise, she said it was not necessary since he had gotten a good look already.

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Mark once again started his massage at her shoulders and worked his way down Priest blow job her chest. He oiled up her tits and began rubbing her perfect tits.

He slowly rubbed all sides of her breasts and paid a lot of attention to her nipples. He circled them with his fingers and offered a slight squeeze to each one. I could tell that my wife really enjoyed this. Her eyes were filled with a lustful relaxation. Her breath was deep and slow, and she even let out some slight moans. Mark continued his way down her abs and slowly ran a hand slightly under the towel. He softly massaged his way down to her pubic area and withdrew his hand.

He moved to the end of the table to focus on her feet again. Slowly, he worked his way back up her body. Once again, she spread her legs slightly as he reached her inner thigh. It helps awaken the sexual senses, so it is up to you," Mark offered. Mark removed the towel from her waist and I started to rub my hard cock as I saw him look her over. There she was completely naked in front of another man. He pressed his fingers against her and allowed them to run White wives forced to be black cock slaves her pussy.

She raised her hips every time his hand Wife gets special massage to leave her skin. Next, he rubbed her inner thigh with both hands and slowly opened up Why women love to suck cock lips.

Wife gets a special massage

He ran a finger up her slit and on to her clit, and she was moaning pretty good Girl sucks dog tongue this point. Next, I saw him put a finger inside her pussy. Softly at first, he slid his finger in and out of her while rubbing her clit with his other hand.

His fingering got faster and faster and I watched her cupped her tits as she moaned louder and louder.

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She started bucking her hips and pushing his fingers deeper inside her. Suddenly, Katie convulsed in an explosive orgasm.