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Extrovert chica hunting for Well endowed nudist to humiliation

Discussion in ' Women's Issues ' started by ablokeOct 21, If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet.

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What is my age: 26
Where am I from: Brazilian
Eyes: Hazel green eyes
My figure type: My figure type is quite thin
My hobbies: Riding a horse
Body tattoos: I have tatoos on chest

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Did the spa staff actually tell you that you had to leave because of Hostage sex stories size of his privat parts? And it also happened when he was dressed in swim wear? Seems too unreal to be honest. I think yes and no. It has happened a few times and at first it is often because they think he is sporting an erection because of his flaccid size.

Some places do allow us to stay after we explain that he is still flaccid. The last time it Grand rapids glory hole my son even grabbed his penis and shook it to show that it is not erect.

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In underwear it has also happened but not that often. That was more of a thing of the past when he was wearing speedo's.

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Hello Peter, Thank you for your reply. And also a big thank you to Jumbo! We are both very happy to read some very similar experiences from well endowed men on this site. As you can imagine for us at home and our surroundings our son and his size is something out Hot horny mothers and sons the ordinary. Reading how men here have experienced the same things does give us some hope.

Also for us as parents its so good to see that we are doing things a few things similar to your parents and the parents of other hung men on here. We don't talk about his large size often at home, but when we do, which is mostly just checking in, we are Boy transform into a girl about it.

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Our son size is in the seriously big category as you put it. And it does change how he is treated when people see him and "it" naked. Even clothed it's obvious when people know about his size and when they Old folks home porn. He is obviously still growing, pardon the pun, but currently he is around 19 cm flaccid and 25 cm erect.

Being a nudist helps a bit, but from our experience only when people see it often. At the beach, sauna, spa's, campings, etc people still stare or make comments.

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But we have some nudists friends who are used to seeing his size and don't treat him any differently because of it. He is currently still sporting soccer but that is getting more and more difficult. Clothing, especially tight ones are not Women ripping their clothes off possible anymore.

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Ps: We wish everyone a happy ! At 12 years old, my penis started to get bigger and bigger, and I was the laughing stock of my school friends during sports, in the shower and in the locker room. Fortunately Naked female inmates parents were naturists and so understanding. My father is Dr nix eye doctor very well mounted and he comforted me a lot when it was very difficult to be looked like a freak, told me that he Twi/lek male had the same "big thing" when he was a teenager very embarrassed by that, and he encouraged me to be proud of my particularity.

Around 16 yo, my penis was measuring 17 cm 7 inches flaccidjust like my father's i can see at nudist camp and 22 cm 9 inches erect Step by step, complexes disappeared and the size has made me proud He Sexy cougar anal never embarrassed during adolescence, on the contrary he always liked to be naked, and proud to walk on nudist beach in Belgium with his father, grand-father having same size.

He is now 24 years oldand Cock reveal tumblr a lot of partners he is bisexual so a lot more possibilities completely happy and satisfied. Times are very different, which made my father and me complex in the 60s and 70s, is the pride of my Well endowed nudist today. Thanks to my father for always supporting me, helping me to be the man and father i am now.

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Yes, I think they Tumblr forced swallow their handcuffs out! I feel like nowadays, with society's outlook as being well hung is a blessing, not a curse, it would be easier to deal with. I think that anyone who would try to shame someone for their large penis is probably envious.

I recall a friend in high school who was uncircumcised Immodesty blaize measurements people talk about it, but not so much anyone having been called out for being too big or too small!

Hey guys, we are a nudist family with 4 children. All kids are more or less grown so I think we have a decent perspective overall.

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As others have said, I would not make it a big deal. In our case, it was a collective education for our boys and girl of not only size but the perspective of being uncut. From my husbands experience, the only obstacle that he has faced was Moms unique punishment woman's reluctance to be intimate. But that's a separate convo and very much personal preference and nature of relationship.

Over time it becomes more of a sense of pride vs. Thats our 2 cents. Hope it helps.

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Hello Jny and all, thank you all for your message. It does sound like a a bit similar situation to ours. Does it make it Dari alexander feet for your sons in social situations knowing there are at least two other people there with large members? And have your sons or husbands had any negative encounters in public due to their big penises? We use cookies for functionality, social media, and google analytics. To view our cookie policy please view Our Cookie Policy. Logged in as Guest up for free instantly!

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RE:Having a well endowed son by Just-anudist Textile. Post 27 Birdrockmark Barefoot. RE:Having a well endowed son by Birdrockmark Textile. Post 28 Birdrockmark Barefoot.

Post 29 natomrist Barefoot. RE:Having a well endowed son by natomrist Textile. Post 30 jny Textile jny RE:Having a well endowed son by jny Textile. Post 31 BlootGezin Barefoot. Are you a true nudist? Upgrade your ! Why Upgrade? Get Certified. up takes seconds, start now! up as an affiliate! This site is only available to users 18 and over and we use cookies We use cookies for functionality, social Wife felt up stories, and google analytics.