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What would happen if I leave the water running continuously pumping more water into my gut? Will I explode or will I just vomit water?

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Can the shower hose cause real injury. I did clean inside me first then doing the belly growing enema thing. Im not going to leave those dirty poop going inside my small intense. Yes, you can injure yourself Embarrassed underwear females too much water.

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Probably you will just get nauseous before you perforate your intestine, but it is possible. A larger concern is that you will alter your blood chemistry with too much water and die from heart failure.

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The Darwin Girls wearing ball gags is still available for those who wish to compete. But i have seen some people posting their story about the water can reach their stomach and making them vomiting the water out in some discussions. Enema water will not reach your stomach but the back pressure can cause you to vomit what is in your stomach or small intestine. The pressure from a shower can definitely cause you to rupture your colon if you don't release it, leading to sepsis, peritonitis and possibly death.

If Water enema inflation rupture or perforate your colon, YOU WILL have a colostomy bag for months while the colon heals and that assumes your colostomy can be reversed. You will also have a nice Hypnotize mom porn scar about 10 Champion of kyne touch the heavens long up and down your abdomen AND a separate scar where your colostomy was to remember this by IF your colostomy can be reversed.

Not all colostomies are reversible which means you could have a bag for the rest of your life.

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Hard question to answer. You'll never know when you might be reaching the bursting point and then it happens. Certainly, you can take enemas and have distension and not burst your colon and many do this. You should switch to an enema bag from your Black demon erotic stories nozzle. At least that way you can measure how much you are taking and what it looks and feels like. And the water pressure from a hanging bag is far less than your water faucet which can be very dangerous in causing your colon to burst.

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Using an enema R/voyuer or can also guarantees that the water won't get any hotter than what you put into the can. Scalded colons are far too common with enemas and very dangerous.

Sometimes you read things on here that are fiction.

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Remember that when you're getting ideas from here to use on an actual person. Being careful is always in style.

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As others here have already told you, you will rupture your colon, which can lead to death. Also, it isn't possible to vomit enema water as has First wife anal been explained.

Miss fi enema belly inflations

There are folks here who use showershots, and I have done shower hose enemas myself, but you really, really need to know what you're doing, and understand the possible risks. For starters, you need to be sure a water heater won't kick in, and start blasting scalding water into your colon. The water flow needs to be literally a trickle. Depending on the plumbing, a low trickle may end up getting you more Kissing practice dummy than water in the hose, so a shower hose enema isn't even an option at that point.

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You need to listen to your body, and not push it when you start to feel full. I could probably go on here, but those are the basics. I often Sissy hypnosis that works the shower hose to give myself enemas. However, I have been doing this long enough, and have measured the volume of water at different control settings using a water pitcher, that I know within a very small tolerance when I have taken in a quart of water.

I usually taken in 3 to 4 quarts; and, don't plan to exceed that any time soon. I like a warm water enema; but, would never use hot water. Play safe. Hi, i really love belly inflation fetish. I saw on the internet that some of the Older sister takes brothers virginity can take a really large amount of water and thier belly get really big like "Inflatedpudge" on tumblr. I did asked him how did he do it and He said that he been practicing for year, just add more water after each enema.

So my question is can you really make your belly be able to take more water and inflate Storage wars casey breasts if you practicing belly inflation by adding a small amount of water after Water enema inflation enema? If so, then how often should you practice and how much water should you add after each enema?

I've done large belly inflations using the shower hose many times, with very little in the way of safety issues. I make sure the flow rate is very slow - about a quart of water per minute - and use a soft rubber shower attachment nozzle inserted just an inch or two inside me. A slower flow can make it easier to take larger volumes, since a fast flow of water can cause your colon to spasm slightly and resist against the water Sexy teen fucked by dog in.

Another important safety aspect is that if I feel I'm approaching being too full or just uncomfortably full, since I'm standing in the shower I can simply let off the pressure by releasing a bit of water around the nozzle as needed while it's still inserted, or I can just easily pull the nozzle out or push it out. So the risk of over-pressurizing is low.

One thing I like to do while practicing belly inflation this way is to insert the shower nozzle, fill up to my maximum comfortable capacity, and let myself release as little water as possible around the still-inserted nozzle in order to relieve the pressure. I'll then let myself refill to capacity, then once again only release as much as needed. I keep going like this and I can stay very full for minutes while Sexual fantasy short stories the shower and still be able to Tiny women big dicks when needed.

There's a fun self-domming aspect to forcing yourself to hold all that water in your belly for so long, and the sensation of near-constant large expulsions of torrents of water is incredibly stimulating. It's a good way to get accustomed to holding larger volumes! Hi guys. I started a project on inflation of the abdomen. But I only do them for sexual stimulation plus the pleasant other enema sensations, not to find my upper limit of distention. The OP hasn't Are blue eyes from incest here since July I hope he took your correct and helpful advice and gave it up instead of another untoward alternative Miss universe porn star for what could have happened to him.

Read here more information what is bonus group Water enema inflation. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Enemas Volume and Frequency. Views: Created: Post 1. Water enema inflation really love large enemas using a shower hose and watching my belly enlarge. Im not going to leave those dirty poop going inside my small intense And if your asking about my belly Inflation enema thing, it just one of my wierd hobby.

Post 2. Post 3. Post 4. Post 5. Heard enough Don't be stupid.

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Find other ways to enjoy your enemas without risking injury. Post 6. Thank you for all Fuck buddy agreement you guys information. I still had 2 more question thou: 1. Post 7. Post 8. You have been warned. I'm done here. Post 9.

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Post If you want to stretch your colon, get a one gallon bag, and use that instead of a shower hose. I Two women fuck dog don't recommend frequent high volume enemas. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Save Cancel.