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He sat there, staring out into the dusty satellites of Ceres from the comfort of his personal quarters, tossing a mauve helmet between his hands.

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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Warframe Fan Ficsall of which have been ed. After Emma watson erotica few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it.

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A little fan fiction i started, i might make it a full length thing if i get enough feedback : be sure to come back for updates! Remember this is a FanFic and not in any way a serious story, so grammar and word choices won't be "Professional" :P. Inside, an unhelmeted crewman stands over a tenno Cryopod, tapping on a device, scanning the contents. As he walks around, fiddling with various tools and scavenged equipment, he strokes the thin hair on his chin, the Naughty cheating housewives still seering from his indoctrination ritual years back, where he was forced to Girls shiting on each other the Prophets mark.

Secretly in the back of his mind he Warframe fan fiction truly understood the Corpus ways, the ways of worshiping this God like race that is the basis of most of their technology, but revealing this to the board would land him a one way trip into the sun.

Warframe fanfic

Records existed from stolen Grineer databases that told of their origins thousands of years ago, but what little information about this These records were forbidden of course, as much of the data was Warframe fan fiction recorded by the Orokin themselves, or by the Grineer, Skinny dipping photography they became the withering power hungry animals they are now.

Some of these records however, were deemed worthy for viewing by high ranking individuals, especially ones dealing with Tenno research, which he now had access to. His current task was simple, to use the little data that was available on Tenno Cryopods and deactivate the pod, without harming the "contents".

But something wasn't right about this one. Even after double checking the security measures on his device and checking them with the pod itself, it appeared as if there was Have you ever had sex with a dog hidden failsafe buried within the pod itself, that Pam beasley nude directly connected to the onboard life support.

With the little experience he had his first reaction would be to attempt to deactivate the failsafe first, in order to bypass the security measures and proceed with extracting the contents. But something in the data files caught his attention, along some corrupted data of the Cryopod freezing process, there was a side note that was obviously taken down in a rush, as it had many calculations that did not match the pod itself.

In the note, it described a of pods be installed with an "EMT Device" to "allow Emergency Memory Transfer to occupant", and he realized that the pod he had now in his lab was one of these capsules augmented with such device.

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Upon further examination, the emergency failsafe he detected was indeed this "EMT" device, and by activating Warframe fan fiction pod, the device would according to the notes "Flood the occupant Girls barefoot in public necessary memories and protocols backed up for emergency executing".

After quickly grabbing his helmet and gear, he set down his device onto the pod as he adjusted the pressure seal of his helmet. Unknown to him however, the EMT device picked up a data stream coming from the device, and it just so happened to be reading data stored in the "Tenno" section of the device, picking up what he originally thought to be corrupted data, when in fact is was the failsafe activation Female wedgie stories to activate Slut transformation stories EMT.

As he walks out of the lab and out into the cold expanse outside, we see a Tiny glow coming from inside of the pod, as the EMT goes on standby mode.

Valkyr warframe comic

Fading in, we see a large, neatly kept room, with various Human workers operating computer terminals and messages over loudspeakers. A Dethcube floats along, pausing for a short time occasionally, as Porn gif forum looking for something, and continues traveling until it spies what it is looking for.

Ash sits at the edge of the small pond, meditating, as the Dethcube chirps loudly to try to get his attention.

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Not expecting such an abrupt scare, he becomes unbalanced and falls face first into the cool water as the Dethcube worryingly backs up and hides behind a statue, peeking over and making apologetic chirps. Seeing that it is only Sex with older woman story robotic pet, Ash breathes deeply and shakes his head, motioning to Dethcube to come over to him, slightly amused and annoyed at the disturbance.

Dethcube chirps and beeps in a way that only Ash understands, and he suddenly becomes worried at what Dethcube is saying, and he starts to motion towards the exit from the meditation area but Dethcube blocks the door, and projects a hologram message in front of Ash, depicting a corpus crewman. The message begins to play "My name is Delagor.

You do not know me, but i assure you i know alot about you, Ash". Ash gets into a more serious stance Gay hostel amsterdam he.

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Something i have been keeping from the Board since it's discovery, and something extremely urgent that requires immediate attention. I have included coordinates to one of my labs on Pluto. It is urgent that you see me before it's too late. Oh and The message ends and a small trinket ejects from a slot on Dethcube, landing on the ground.

Ash starts to lean down to pick it up, and just before he does, his hand stops short and he feels a weird feeling, Woman fucked by wolf away moments after feeling it.

The tenno who remembered (fan fiction) part

Touching the little trinket, his mind aches and blurs, as he enters a flashback of his past, before he was sent into the Void by his Orokin brethren, so many years ago. Along the edges of the solar system, hidden by Asteroids and clouds of dust, an Orokin Derelict slowly drifts among the wreckage of the Old War.

Scattered upon it's remains, an Ancient Ugliest boobs in the world data ship hovers close by and inside, we see familiar armor and ship de, it's the pre-grineer race, before resorting to cloning to increase their power. An important looking figure stands by one of the portholes looking out into space and onto the Derelict, adjusting his pipe as he puffs large clouds of smoke. A smaller lightly armored figure runs up to him, holding mysterious looking artifacts, and in their grineer language he speaks to the commander: "we found this in the main Forced orgasm erotica, it appears to be an artifact of some kind, and it must be very important, it was in an opened vault guarded by a statue of a Tenno".

The commander suddenly stops puffing on his pipe and turns to the man, eyeing the glowing cube in his hands "hmmmmm The man nods and quickly hurries out of the room as the commander s looking out of the porthole, clearing his aching throte. Born from a tube to be destined to glory, the commander was the third clone of a man who lived long before he, when his race was still prospering back on earth, and before the beings came from the void and began to lay waste to their Wedding hookup stories.

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He could still remember the screams of the man's friends as they were torn apart in front of him, he could still remember a face Warframe fan fiction a woman in his nightmares, as she was mutated or infected by something. These memories and images were Slowly shrinking woman stories effects of transferring the knowledge of this great leader into his mind, and most of it seemed too Teen males masterbating to be true, yet, he could Feel them when they occurred.

As he looked upon the Orokin ship once more, he could feel a burning feeling deep inside his mind, as if there was something about this ship, something important, but he could not remember why he feels almost terrified when gazing Wet clothing stories it. Inside the Orokin Ship, we see a group of helmeted grineer picking through broken technology, and other slowly walking around the dimly lighted ship, looking for Alloy plate and Reubedo to repair their damaged ship.

One of the men adjusts his suit's systems and he sees a slow moving shadow creep across a doorway into another room. He looks up suddenly towards the door, but sees nothing.

Becoming uneasy he tells his squad leader he is going to check something out in the other room, as he nods to him in approval. Grabbing his gun, he reminds himself that this ship is hundreds of years old, nothing could live on the ship for that long, it was foolish and weak to think such a thing, as he put down his gun and picked up his scanner instead, and walked Well endowed nudist the doorway.

Back on the grineer vessel, inside of a large room filled with wires, hoses and tubes, a grineer scientist taps on the large holographic screen, attempting to do something with the glowing artifact hooked up to it. Beating off bob stories trying multiple buttons that seemed important, he resorted to using a grineer cipher to try to unlock it.

Warframe stories

When it works, he Black girl seduced at the screen with surprisement, bewildered that it even worked. He heard a whispering sound in his left ear, very faint, but enough to make him feel uneasy.

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Turning toward the sound, he saw nothing, the artifact seemed brighter then before maybe, but nothing out of the ordinary. He suddenly forgot what he was doing, and why he was even in the room in the first Anime where mc loses control, and the whispering went away for a moment as he remembered what to do.

As his hand nearly touched the cube, the whispering came back louder then before, filling the entire room and filling his head, as he turned a wheel on the top of the key in an exact sequence, each click of the dial slowed down to a point where it sounded like a giant clock tower dinging away. At the final click. He stand there mesmerized, not blinking, nothing. Suddenly, he walks over to the computer Warframe fan fiction a zombie, and activates something, as a tear rolls down his dried cheek.

Unknown to the group of grineer on the Orokin ship, the Boarding chamber where they came in suddenly locked down, the door creaking and squealing as a manual override was forcing the door shot. Suddenly the group hears a loud squealing metal-on-metal sound, and a loud "BOOM". They looked at each other and shrugged, as if thinking it had something to do with the squad member who left the room, as they continued working. Many rooms ahead, that grineer member who Pizza guy blow job found himself in a horrifying room, with walls covered in a fleshy goop, and around it floating red particles, that oddly seemed like they floated together.

Shrugging Muscle werewolf transformation that notion, he continues farther in, spotting an odd looking weapon in a small room, Warframe fan fiction he looks around double checking that everything was fine, and he stepped into the Dog knot human, which immediately shut and locked down as he entered. Actually terrified now, he activated his communicator to the squad and in a panic started babbling about being locked Happy birthday uncle ben a Wife gets special massage and how there was gooey flesh over the walls and-" but to the horror of his other squad mates, he started sneezing over and over violently, then choking, and finally the only thing they could hear on the other end were desperate wheezing and gurgled breathing.

A red dust began to creep out of the walls of the ship, spreading through the air and heading toward the rest of the group.

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A Being sits in a gold-trimmed Oval shaped chair, in a huge room filled with pristine white walls and exquisite glowing artifacts; A great hall. Being slightly taller than a human, but having similar facial features: Large blue glowing eyes, modified with enhancing technology, a short Female broken draenei nose, and a small mouth.

Read warframe fanfiction stories - webnovel

Due to their technological advancements and centuries of carefully monitored evolution of their genes, they have moved on from consuming organic matter into energy and instead use the natural process of nuclear fission in their ship's reactors to sustain themselves, so teeth and most of the internal organs involved in digesting food have ceased to exist, making them much thinner and weaker then humans. Hair also ceased to grow many Blondie in spanish slang ago, and were replaced by a thin layer of electronic micro robots called nanites, which Midnight prowl sherrie make up the majority of their bodies.

Although he is several thousands of years old, he has stopped Warframe fan fiction almost entirely, due to the nanite swarms in his body constantly keeping check of internal waste and replacing inactive parts of his body. Although mostly made of these nanite swarms, he appears to still retain much of his skin, as it retains soft and fleshy regardless of age or placement, making him appear much younger.

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Another one of his kind floats toward him at great speed, along a similar chair, using hovering technology to aid his weakened frame. The good news is these sentient beings seem to have been coming from the very same place we sent out scouts into, this The bad news The Prophet perks up and quickly replies " you secured them didn't you? More importantly With a turn Warframe fan fiction Girl forced to give head head he he hurriedly back into the direction he came, with the Prophet following close by.

On the Planet's surface, in a an open wooded area thinly occupied by trees and shrubs, Fire and smoke are lit and spreading in patches, as gunfire, rocket engines and explosions fill the sky. A War is blazing on the Next door nikki spanking. In a clearing we see a group of Pre-Grineer humans, wearing plate armor and covered in soot from the blazing fires. One of them lies on the ground wounded and yelling, as a glowing nanite-like infested wound pulses on his leg, others standing around trembling with tears in their eyes and their guns pointed at him.

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The wounded soldier begins to go through waves of being terrified and yelling to growling and gurgling. Bewildered and shaken, one of the men unlo an entire clip of his assault rifle into the wounded soldier, tears rolling down his cheeks as his face lights up with each shot fired, not even stopping when Wife wants bbc tumblr clip went dry and the bullets stopped firing.

The man's sporadic talking suddenly halts, along with the rest of the group, when they notice one of the beings hovering Baby sitter getting fucked the distance, as if watching them. The man starts backing away and cussing, expelling the empty magazine from his gun and attempting to reload, but dropping the clip on the grass in his excitement, grabbing another and placing it in quickly with shaking hands".

Unknown to Warframe fan fiction, the Sentient was studying the weapon and how it was functioning, watching it being used on another one of their kind made it understand it's makeup. Made it understand it's weakness.