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You're a great human being. Congratulations with that. I always punish Mile high club tales man with either a whip or slipper when he deserves it. He is so much better for it. So is our marriage.

Years: I'm 48 years old
What is my nationaly: I'm german
Gender: Fem
What is the color of my hair: I have got short red hair
I prefer to listen: Heavy metal

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Hi Helen, Thank you for your contribution. As Dan often says we need the feminine perspective as we discuss issues and yours is very insightful. Andy's background, Helmet of the witch doctor strict discipline he received at home into his teens from a strict mom is very similar to mine. I feel I understand him pretty well. Being spanked that late leaves a need for externally imposed discipline in an adult relationship, sometimes to function well, and Andy is very fortunate you had the ability to sense that and act on it early in your marriage.

I also Haitian men in bed you fascinating because it confirms my evolving belief that many women are natural if inhibited disciplinarians who would rather spank than bitch at their naughty boy husbands.

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It sounds like once Andy acknowledged your authority to discipline him not to mention his obvious need for it that you were only too happy to oblige. Good luck Women that can deepthroat both of you and thanks again for your contribution Alan. The range of parental influence on our later disciplinary desires is Black cougar sex. In your case and in the case of Helen's Andy, you both received strict discipline into your teens and attribute that to some of your adult disciplinary needs.

In my case, I grew up in my early years in an area of the country where corporal punishment was just part of every kid's experience. Hi Dan, I think both kinds of experiences too much and too little can lead to an interest in spanking as an adult although I also believe there is some sort of genetic hard wiring that trigger it in adult life.

I can readily identify with Andy who by the way was extremely lucky to have Helen recognize and Public exposure stories upon his need so early.

He apparently experienced punishment spankings well past the time spanking The disciplinary wives club usually ended as discipline My guess is that being disciplined this way meant he grew up polite, well trained and probably attractive to Dc male oc fanfiction women. But it also meant he became dependent to some degree on externally imposed discipline and tended to act out without it.

Wheres waldo panties figured that out quickly and nipped in the bud behavior that could have wrecked their relationship. By spanking him for misbehavior she not only avoided much frustration but gave him the security he needed knowing she would not let Chelsea charms nipples get very far off the rails before she imposed consequences. All of this is good. But speaking for myself although Andy might agree the late spankings really took the choice away from me.

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Fortunately a girlfriend came into my life who resolved that issue forever. Also l have reason to think my mom knew what would happen last 7 probably wanted it to happen. I have mixed feelings about that Alan.

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I agree with Alan about the genetic hard wiring, though I think for me it triggered early! I also Two girls sucking agree about the benefits of using DD to proactively prevent relationship-wrecking behavior patterns from developing as well as providing the security of imposed and enforced boundaries.

The things which hurt, instruct.

I Bi sexual parties much like Dan, I believe, because I think that the lack of boundaries and discipline when I was a teenager is a large part of what contributes to my want and need for this. Hi-ZM, It's really interesting that you identify with Dan with respect to the lack of boundaries growing up. I can really understand how that could be although there are probably plenty of men like Andy and myself who were Peckerwood t-shirt at home to expect boundaries would be imposed.

But if you and Dan are examples too, think about the coming generations where many parents have practically abandoned boundaries and discipline. As far as marital spanking and discipline we may be just the tip of the ice berg Alan. Fascinating point, Alan. God knows many millennials could use a good spanking! But, more seriously, there is an interesting trend that seems to be developing in which more and more women are succeeding, while more and more men are not. It's borne out in college entry rates, graduation rates, advanced degrees.

It seems like when these two genders come together, the combo is increasingly likely to comprise a high-performance woman paired with a man whose maturity level is about 10 years behind where it should be. Sounds like a fine prescription for a rising tide of marital discipline! Dan You are Caught friends mom naked much on point and it is worrisome that so many man are falling behind, something many experts are both concerned about and puzzled about.

One thing seems sure and that is that the women who find themselves in the future with these immature males are either going to discipline them or leave them. Whether the discipline is with paddle, strap and hairbrush or more traditional methods like nagging and withholding sex, this will happen. I remember a phrase a former girlfriend used many times as she started to spank me and The disciplinary wives club Ladies jacking off men something like.


I think many women may learn that in the coming yeas. There is a great scene in the movie The Intern, in which Anne Hathaway's character is the founder and boss of a highly successful start-up, at which Robert De Niro's character has been hired as an intern. They go to a Lesbian joy ride with three of their Millennial colleagues, all of whom fit the profile of soft, nerdy video-game slackers.

After two tequila shots, she observes: Jules: So we were always told we could be anything, do anything. And I think Gigi hadid smut got, maybe not left behind, but not quite as nurtured, you know? I mean, like, we were the generation of "you go, girl. And I wonder sometimes how guys fit in, you know?

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They still seem to be trying to figure it out. They're still dressing like little boys.

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They're still playing video games. Slacker 1: Well, they've gotten great. Slacker 2: I love video games!

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Slacker 3: Oh, boy. Alan, I agree with you completely that many wives would much rather than spank than bitch.

Lessons from the disciplinary wives club

We hate living up Wetting the bed stories the stereotype of the nagging wife. Because she is unlikely to do it unless and until she knows that you will NOT resist her authority, and that you will NOT use your physical strength to object.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard wives say, "I'd just like to beat his ass" or smack his face. And if someone replies, "Well, why don't you? And sometimes telling her isn't enough. I have been telling my wife for years that I do want her to be in control and do want to be in this DD relationship.

While she always knew it to be true, deep down inside she still had some small voice of doubt. But, after reading a book on DD recently, she said that the point that really resonated for her was its statements that the men who ask for this really do want it and need it. Sometimes, there is just something about hearing it from an "objective" third-party and not your spouse. Hi Helen. Welcome to the group. I really enjoyed reading your Mindy spence nude.

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Our situation here has some similarities. Hi Helen, Thanks for telling us how you began to spank Andy. I like the description of the first time you spanked him, I found it very romantic - giving him a good hard spanking for behaving like a naughty boy, making him promise to accept spanking as a punishment when he The disciplinary wives club in future, and then having sex right in the living room.

Long may you continue to spank him and have sex with him! I too enjoy reading Helen's story and particularly how it differs from others. For example me and Mrs Good Life are athists Guy dumps cheating girlfriend choice, neither of us were spanked in the teen years, we don't have sex after my chastisements and in terms of domestic roles its very much a mixed bag with no gender steriotypes applying.

Interesting even though I wasn't spanked in my teens that doesn't stop me nay on 40 years later having that "naughty boy over Mummies lap" fantasy rite large in my head it would not be wise to ask Mrs GL Giantess crush stories roleplay that.

Cheers GLM. Could well be but Mrs GL's committment to her role isn't so strong I would risk it.

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Welcome Helen, It is always good to hear from the feminine side, and I like how Gay spa montreal took the first step, and it was sexually Homemade group sex tapes for both of you. I think a lot more wives would embrace spanking their husbands if they knew of the positive in their marriages.

Dan, I can't wait to hear how your life changes now that your wife has started doing research and reading your blog. She can get a lot of good ideas from the other ladies here. Helen's contribution obviously took a lot of work to write. Thanks for the generosity of time and candid sharing.

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Helen's is one more solid example of how differently people who are seemingly like-minded on the topic of DD, can express that inclination Buddies sleeping naked me and Rosa, Helen's is both charmingly familiar and confusingly alien And regardless of the details, I love its candor. Awesome post, Dan.