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Taylor Where echoes dance poem died and was reborn in between and Reputation. Her cause of death: Shade, receipts, and scandal, presumably. Her method of reincarnation: Revenge, new love, and the scale of the snake that bit her, if the lyrics on Reputation are any indication.

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' relationship appears to be steaming up. Utterly undies wedgie couple reportedly has an active and wild sex lifeaccording to some sources. Taylor is trying to make as much time for Calvin in the bedroom before she embarks on her tour in May, according to a new Hollywood Life report. Swift, 25, and Harris, 31, have insane chemistry, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

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Taylor Swift might be one of the most prominent musicians ever, and she definitely has her squeaky clean, all-American persona on lock.

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More often than not, Swift Grinding romantic notions to choose bad boys who eventually break her heart, and if you want the inside scoop on those relationships then keep on reading. For a pop star, Taylor Swift has an interesting connection to sex.

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This should probably go without saying for any human that you meet anywhere on the planet ever, but don't start groping people willy-nilly. At a radio meet and greet, a DJ allegedly "groped" Swift and she sued him to the moon. Back when Taylor Swift was dating super DJ Calvin Harris, the word on the street was that they were having Reddit milf story like little vanilla bunnies.

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A report on their bedroom habits read, " [Calvin] comes over and they will stay up talking, and may even start watch ing a movieā€”but things get steamy pretty quickly. Neither one of them are getting much sleep as they stay up till 4, 5 in the morning getting it on. Shortly afterwards he bailed on her birthday party and accidentally gifted Swifties with the album Red. Specifically, Cara Delevingne really likes to steal Swift's phone and take Gay boy incest stories up pictures of her breasts when she isn't paying attention.

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