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As Superman 's cousin from Argo City, Kara Zor-El has all the usual traits and abilities that come with her Kryptonian physiology, including gaining immense superpowers from Earth's yellow sun radiation. This also, of course, means Supergirl has all the same vulnerabilities that come with her Kryptonian genetics, Stephanie mcmahon sucks cock notably to Kryptonite.

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Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral from the planet Krypton.

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Many forms of Kryptonite have been created for various comic books, but how many Spanked to tears stories of Kryptonite have made their way into the Arrowverse? This question was raised in recent weeks, when an episode of Superman and Lois revealed that Kryptonite meteors rained down upon the Earth for a week after the arrival of the rocket carrying an infant Kal-El from Krypton.

Potentially that means there could be more forms of Kryptonite in the Arrowverse Tamara stocks nude have ly been chronicled. The basic idea for Kryptonite was first conceived by Superman co-creator Jerry Seigel, who wrote a story in"The K-Metal from Krypton," centered around a mineral from Krypton that drained Superman of his strength while giving superpowers to Earthlings. While the story was rejected and never published due to it ending with Superman revealing his secret identity to Lois Lane a similar idea was later introduced in the Adventures of Superman radio program.

It was here that this weakening mineral was introduced under the name Kryptonite, in an episode titled "The Meteor from Krypton," in June Kryptonite was officially introduced into the comics six years later, in Novemberin Superman Since that time, Kryptonite Mermaid tf story become synonymous with secret weaknesses in American pop culture, similar to the terms Achilles' Heel or silver bullet.


While the exact details have differed from story to story and adaptation to adaptation, Kryptonite is so famous that even people who don't read comics are Dating in the dark nude of what it is and how it sickens Superman.

And yet, much like Superman himself, Kryptonite has evolved over the past eight decades, with other forms of Kryptonite having come into existence that do far more than just making a Kryptonian mortal. Here's a rundown of each form of Kryptonite that exists in the Arrowverse, and their effects. Green Kryptonite is the most common form of Kryptonite and the type most people envision when they hear the word. The radiation of Green Kryptonite weakens Kryptonians, causing symptoms including nausea, dizziness, vertigo and fatigue.

When injected into a Kryptonian, Green Kryptonite causes their veins to Corruption of champions harpy green and pop up on the skin. Green Kryptonite can be used as a sedative in small doses, but prolonged exposure is lethal and feels, according to Supergirllike having " nails in your blood.

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Weapons made of Green Kryptonite can cut or pierce a Kryptonian's skin. However, while the pain caused by physical contact with Green Kryptonite is intense, it does not deprive a Kryptonian of the powers, although it might make them vulnerable to ordinary weapons. This was shown in one episode of Superman and Lois, where Superman maintained the focus to repress his heat vision while Crossdressing caption tumblr Green Kryptonite shards from his shoulder, before safely burning the Kryptonite with a controlled blast.

While Green Kryptonite radiation is seemingly non-lethal to humans, Green Kryptonite is toxic when introduced into the human body. The second Batwoman, Ryan Wilder, discovered this the hard way, after she was shot with a shard of Kryptonite by the villain Hush. While the wound was superficial, Ryan slowly began to develop symptoms similar to Kryptonite poisoning in a Kryptonian, which could only be cured by an elixir made from the rare Desert Rose of Coryana. In the comics, Blue Kryptonite was not harmful to Kryptonians, but it was lethal to the inhabitants of Bizarro World, either weakening them physically or forcing them to Mother and daughter breastfeeding massage seduction rationally, which was also painful for them.

It had no effect on Supergirl, but did act as a sedative on the degenerated Supergirl clone created by Maxwell Lordin the Supergirl season 1 episode "Bizarro.

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In the comics, Red Kryptonite was the most unstable form of Kryptonite, with each piece One clue crossword chapter 33 a unique but temporary effect. These included transforming Kryptonians into dragons or causing excessive hair growth or rapid aging.

In the Arrowverse, Maxwell Lord created Red Kryptonite in the Supergirl season 1 episode "Falling," hoping to fashion a non-lethal form of Kryptonite that could weaken Kryptonians without killing them.

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Instead of weakening their bodies, the Red Kryptonite weakened Kryptonians' minds, slowly causing them to lose their inhibitions before finally destroying all sense of morality or restraint. Thankfully, Lord was also able to synthesize a cure for Red Kryptonite poisoning after accidentally creating his worst nightmare; a berserk Supergirl.

Later stories introduced a true Silver Kryptonite, which was renowned both for mystic properties Gay brothers fucking eachother strengthened magical amulets forged from it and for having an effect on Kryptonians similar to that of marijuana on humans. The Arrowverse version of Silver Kryptonite was something else entirely, causing Kryptonians Hypnotic erotic stories were exposed to it to hallucinate their worst fears made real.


Also known as Harun-El, Black Kryptonite was a key component of the plot of Best car blowjob ever seasons 3 and 4. On Krypton and in the Kryptonian colony of Argo City, Black Kryptonite was harmless to Kryptonians and used as a power source to generate the dome and artificial gravity that made Argo City possible.

Some Pivot robot girl quantity on Earth made it lethal, however, with Black Kryptonite radiation on Earth causing Kryptonians great pain as their powers became unstable.

The touch of Black Kryptonite could split a Kryptonian into two different beings; a process which allowed Lena Luthor to separate the Wordkiller Reign from her human persona, Samantha Arias.

This was the same effect Black Kryptonite had in the comics and it also led to the accidental creation of the Supergirl clone known as the Red Daughter. Black Kryptonite's effect on humans was Truck driver wives different.

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Lena Luthor attempted to use Black Kryptonite to fashion a miracle cure-all for cancer and other seemingly incurable conditions. In the process, she accidentally discovered a way to temporarily give humans Kryptonian powers, though the process caused their bodies to deteriorate quickly. This led several parties to create Synthetic Kryptonite, which acted much the same as Green Kryptonite.

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However, some forms of Synthetic Kryptonite, such as those created by Project Cadmus to power their Metallo soldiers, were much less stable than Green Kryptonite and prone to exploding. The Water enema inflation Queen of Earth-1 was somehow able to create a stable form of Synthetic Kryptonite, despite their being no Kryptonians on his Earth.

This proved handy during the battle with an evil Supergirl during the cosmic event that became known as Crisis on Earth-X.

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General Sam Lane also developed Projectcreating weapons that made use of Synthetic Kryptonite in case he was ever forced to face a Superman who had been mind-controlled or gone rogue. These included a Kryptonite-based smoke-bomb, which it was hoped would temporarily weaken Kryptonians and make them vulnerable to traditional weapons.

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Unfortunately, while the Kryptonite gas weakened Superman enough for him to be bruised by regular bullets, it had an unexpected and far more devastating side effect on Jordan Kent, whose physical resistance was lowered by the Synthetic Kryptonite energy his father was unwittingly Loving wifes sex stories. This triggered a severe cold in Jordan, Incest porn actresses caused him to unleash torrents of Ice Breath whenever he sneezed.

In the comics, X-Kryptonite was a form of Kryptonite that Supergirl created by accident while trying to create a cure for Kryptonite poisoning. Instead of becoming inert, the X-Kryptonite began to radiate an energy that gave Kara Danvers' pet cat Streaky the powers of a Kryptonian.

Green kryptonite

The Arrowverse version of X-Kryptonite introduced on Superman and Lois is somewhat different, being a naturally occurring element Men peeing in panties, according to John Henry Irons, Im commander shepard and i approve this message rarest form of Kryptonite on his home Earth.

It remains to be seen just how rare it is on Earth-Prime in the Arrowversebut neither Superman nor Lois Lane had ever heard of it before billionaire Morgan Edge bought the abandoned Shuster Mines of Smallville in order to acquire it. This new Kryptonite apparently has the ability to give humans Kryptonian powers and may also enable Kryptonian consciousnesses to take over human bodies.

Matt Morrison has been writing about comics since before the word "blogging" was coined.

Blue kryptonite

He got his start writing for the legendary DC Comics digital fanzine Fanzing, before receiving his own column, The Mount. Since then he has Adult book stores dallas texas on to write for over a dozen websites, including Mania, Comics Nexus and The Cult of Nobody.

What little spare time he has is devoted towards acting, role-playing, movie-riffing and sarcasm. You can follow his adventures on Twitter, GeekyGeekyWays. By Matt Morrison Published Jul 12, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics SR Originals superman Woman desperation to pee arrowverse superman and lois. Matt Morrison Articles Published Matt Morrison has been writing about comics since before the word "blogging" was coined.

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