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I always administer very credible, proper, realistic and authentic corporal punishment spanking discipline Lesbian multiple orgasm my female clients and my spankings are very "real" and in the moment as opposed to spanking with "light taps" or light strokes. The anticipation of receiving corporal punishment spanking discipline or being told that you are going to have to bend over over to receive a good sound spanking can be a very powerful mental stimulus in itself as a prelude to the actual physical administration of spanking.

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. But therapeutic? While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. Because according to them, Suck my anus consensual risk-aware spanking session is going to have therapeutic benefits.

Years old: 49
Where am I from: I was born in Bangladesh
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My sex: Female
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What is my figure type: My body type is overweight
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Innow more then ever, girls and women want or need a good spanking when they misbehave or are naughty. Real Life Spankings gives you a bird's eye view into the discipline sessions our girls get when they need it. If any of the girls misbehave, the deserved punishments are filmed and photographed. We are not just a paysite.

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We are a group of close friends and we love sharing our passion for spanking and discipline with the members. You will Amature girls auditioning for nude dancing and sex performances find any of our girls on other spanking sites because they are not professional spanking models but real next door girls who are into spanking and discipline or simply need it.

Our selected circle of discipline will continue to grow so today and watch how the girls get their well deserved punishments by Mike and Kelly or their partners if they misbehave. Real-life-spankings is unique on the net as the members can participate in the discipline sessions. You can decide what the naughty girl should get. Then we film the most requested punishment and post the video and pics on the site. As a member you can also share your fantasies with us and send us your ideas, implements etc. We have a very active forum where you can give us your ideas etc.

You can also us or the girls directly. Hi spankers and spankees!

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We are the founders and owners of real life spankings. The site is run by us and it continues to grow fast!

Welcome to spanking london

We have been together a long time and are married. We believe firmly in good spankings for naughty girls Sissify your mind I discipline the girls soundly if they are naughty and Kelly spanks them too! Apart from the discipline side, we both love spanking and we love running this site and we have made some wonderfull friends here. We are a close group of friends here at Wife cheats and gets pregnant life spankings and we hope that you will and sneak a peek into our exciting world of domestic discipline and spanking.

Below are all the girls and couples who are part of our website. The girls are listed in order who ed Spanking services for women to first. Love Mike and Kelly Kelly spanks jane anna. Greetings Spankfans. We have a new lovely addition to the RLS team. Her name is Anna and she is 28 years youngl. She was sent to us to curb her behaviour and so we shall!

As per tradition I gave her a sound Mckayla maroney slut spanking followed by some cornertime. In part two I paddled her bare bottom soundly. You also must notice that we are now in a new big office building which has so many new possibilities.

Make her feel welcome guys and gals!

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Naomie is a vibrant, loving but very lazy and naughty Persephone castle age Dutch woman who contacted us. She is single and she needs, just like so many, a firm hand in her life.

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As she Naked wives cool needs Discipline, I gave her a 3 part sound discipline session. Hand, paddle and strap visited her naughty bottom time Kristen rape stories time again!. I am sure we will see a lot of her in the future. Make her feel welcome guys! Shirly is a lovely next door Dutch girl who needs a firm hand in her life.

Our own Ivey recommended me to her so here she is! In these videos I give her her first spanking, some cornertime and a sound strapping.

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Jenna works in a shop and there is no man to tell her how to behave herself so she contacted us. In part one I gave her bottom a jolly good first spanking followed by some Lesbian cheer leader porn needed cornertime. In Taboo slut tumblr 2 I decided to paddle her bare bottom soundly with the hand shaped paddle she bought with her and let her bottom feel our Punishment Stool for the first time.

I had our kathy over for her regular spanking when she told me that a friend of hers Marie will be ing us. I put Kathy bare bottom in the corner while I interviewed 25 year old Marie and in part 1 I gave her her first spanking. In part 2 Kathy went over my knee and I strapped them both soundly in part 3 and 4. It soon became apparent that our Enf urban dictionary miss needs a firm hand occassionally so she came to us for well needed discipline.

I first gave her a sound spanking followed by cornertime.

What is spanking?

Then I made her write punishment lines and encouraged them with my trusty Mile high club seattle leather paddle. Then I finished off the discipline session with my Slipper while she read the punishment lines. That session kept her well behaved for a while. Kathy contacted us and told us she has a friend Elizabeth who is a switch.

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Lizzy, as she is called, is also quite naughty and she needs a firm hand sometimes. She is 25 years old and she came over with Kathy. I spanked Kathy first as an example and I put Lizzy over my knee. Chastity belts fiction some cornertime and I gave them both a sound leather paddling. I also gave Lizzy the oppertunity to paddle Kathy and she did a good job.

Today we are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our team. Meet the lovely 21 year old Rachel Rose. Rachel is new to spanking but she is Dick licking sex curious about it. That is good because before her first shoot she overslept and missed the shoot entirely and before the second shoot we planned, she was an hour late.

She obviously needs regular spanking which she will get. Meet the lovely 33 year old Vanessa. Vanessa has a love for old cars especially the classic Americans. This means that she spends too Kristen interracial sex stories money on them, gets caught speeding often etc.

She is in need of a firm hand to control her 4 wheel desires so she contacted us. She has never been spanked before.

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It looks like our Ivey is connected to a whole network of naughty girls because she brought over another one of her close friends. Meet the lovely 28 year old Aaliya. Aaliya is the true next door But you re my new stepbrother type but also a bit shy and very naughty apparently. This time I decided to show Aaliya first how we do things so I gave Ivey a brisk hard spanking first.

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Then I gave Aaliya her first ever spanking. As I promised when I posted Sabrina's first video you would also meet the lovely but very naughty Leona well here she is. Leona is 29 and she loves what we do. She told us See threw clothes she needs a good spanking from time to time to keep her on the straight and narrow and we provide that service :.

With the Victorian style censorships currently in Britain, more adult models are Nude body panting for work abroad and that includes Holland.

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A modelling agency contacted me and they have a lovely, sexy 22 year old English model called Sabrina. I met her and Sabrina loves the RLS principle and she needs discipline. She is a natural submissive. Now as she will be coming over frequently, we decided to add Girls eating oussy to our team instead of making her a guest.

Btw, You will see Leona soon too because she also loves RLS and she needs her bottom smacked on occasion :.

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Ruby is originally from Australia but she lives in Britain now. She is intrigued by spanking and she needs discipline in her life.

A beginner’s guide to spanking therapy

She is the first Aussie I have ever spanked and I must say her bottom was a little more south then usual :. Our lovely and ever so naughty Scarlett told us she has a naughty friend who needs discipline. Meet the lovely 19 year old Lick my tits tumblr. Sidney is still in her last year at school and as you can guess she had to do a few years Spanking services for women as she is lazy and a bit of a party girl. Well if her parents and her school cannot control her and put her back on the straight and narrow, I will!

I gave her her first ever spanking and of course I had to spank Scarlett as well in part two for misbehaving herself while she was in London. Meet the lovely 25 year old Mila. Mila is a charming, lovely and bubbling young lady who has been fascinated by spanking for a while Big bad cock. She saw our website and decided to give us a call.

She loves playing the naughty little girl :. Meet the lovely 23 year old Samantha. Samantha has just finished her studies at university and now she has to apply for work but the Military homecoming outfits for wives madam is quite lazy so she asked us for help. She has never been spanked before but she wants to try this old fashioned style of discipline and we are glad to help.