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My parents were not in any way strict and had Daddys girl sex even smacked me as far as I can remember. My Aunt lived alone with her 2 daughters having lost her husband some years ago.

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Swtor emperor/s wrath was completely different to how I lived with my parents who had by the way moved Dans porn and taboo Canada and I was taking my exams and had to stay on until I had finished them.

I didn't get on with my cousins at all as they were in my opinion very old fashioned and hardly went out. I on the other hand was always out and had several girlfriends which my Aunt did not like. Well one day I got into a fight at a dance and was brought home by the police.

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My Aunt was very angry and said I was not to old to be soundly punished. I took very little notice but after dinner she explained to my cousins what had happened and told me if I was to continue living at her house I would have to abide by her rules and behave in future Adult theater creampies.

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I was told that I was to be spanked by my Aunt and caned. At first I refused but I had no-where to live and very little money so I agreed eventually.

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I was told to go into the What is a tit fuck and completely undress, again my refusal was accept the punishment or immediately move out. This is a completely true of what took place and I have never forgot it. Removing all my clothes I stood there naked and to my horror my Aunt walked in with my 2 female cousins.

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Immediately I placed my hands over my private parts to be told to place them above my head. I stood there stark naked in front of my Aunt and 2 cousins who were staring at my penis and testicles. Having to lay across my Aunts knees was again humiliating and she began to spank my bottom with harder and harder strokes. I had never been spanked and it was very painful and Wife first time lesbian porn which felt like hours although about 10 minutes I was told to stand up and face them.

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I then had to apologise for my behaviour and I still cannot explain why but I began to get an erection. This made my Aunt angrier and she Cum eating fantasies me why I had an erection and could not say why.


My penis was actually throbbing and my cousins were literally staring at it making it more and more humiliating for me. Nylon stockings footjob was then told to bend over and I was given 12 strokes of the cane the pain being unable to describe. My erection had gone by Sissy castration story but I never misbehaved again.

Send your auntie to me I love to go otk it my favourite position. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you.

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What I'm about to say is something that haunts me, even though it was many This is a true story.

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I m living in my uncl house from 6 month. I came to search How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Cancel Post.

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I'd cane Aunty and her two brat daughters. Gareth Hyde 56 cf83 3 le. Sort Newest.

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