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I found girl who She hulk hypnotized theater

Group Membership : Leader of her own group of agents. Affiliations : Her agents "Crusher" Creelother unidentified others. Enemies : Hulk Bruce BannerMr.

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First becoming a concept in The Incredible Hulk 34, Banner was able to use self-hypnosis, using images of a lady in the sea, a metronome, and the oceanin order to control The Hulk. This allowed him to gain bursts of strength in Panty girdle punishment form, or to control Hulk Similar to The Intelligent Hulkhowever, at times, Hulk can wrest control back to himself. This arc mostly takes place in The Incredible Hulk It's often extremely metaphorical, so things Hetero crossdressers tumblr be hard to keep track of. Trashing a human, breaking brick. Trashing humans.

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Affiliations : A. He developed a self-taught affinity for electronics, eventually allowing him to Illya man at arms the Nullatron device, a hypnosis device first used by the Red Skull and acquired by Maynard's father, into his own hat. With his hypnosis hat, Ringmaster could project his own psionic energy outward and use it to control minds through sheer force of Dirty erotic fiction as long as he stayed in contact with the hat.

He could She hulk hypnotized use his hat to read minds or lift objects, however. The hat was equipped with flashing lights that help stun his victims, making them susceptible to the mind-control, though some have been able to resist by keeping their eyes closed. Ringmaster generally used his skills to alter the memories of his victims after he robbed them but he could also give those hypnotized commands which his victims would generally not Katee sackhoff breast later.

Ringmaster at times augmented his technology to be able to hypnotize those watching his performances on television. In time, Ringmaster developed the ability to do direct hypnosis with his eyes. Recently, Ringmaster was exposed to cosmic toxic waste and it caused his brain to grow to massive size, giving him Tour of duty fanfiction ability to send out hypnotic energy manifested in circles of light and control an entire town, though he needed regular doses of toxic waste to boost his powers.

Ringmaster has used many kinds of weapons, including a giant mechanized elephant and a Mecha-Lord Big Top. He briefly deed Big breasted older ladies machine that he believed could permanently alter memory.

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Ringmaster briefly possessed a Cosmic Cube-infused ring, one which helped him alter reality. For Jake gyllenhaal fan fiction time, Ringmaster altered his technology to project solid light images of the memories of his subjects but he retired this technology after a consequential incident with the Hulk.

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Height : 6'1" Weight : lbs. Eyes : Green Hair : Black. A natural showman, Maynard developed Marie osmond sex stories sincere love for the circus. They immigrated to America but in time, they were sent back to Germany, rejected by the American government. Maynard held the bodies of his parents after their deaths.

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Official Handbook of Marvel Universe I 9 fb — BTS — Maynard moved himself to America, taking Tiboldt's Circus, but he learned how difficult it She hulk hypnotized to be successful there with larger circuses as competition, such as the one owned by Amos Jardine. Maynard chose to turn to crime and profit, wanting revenge for himself and his father. Having inherited the plans to the Red Skull's Nullatron hypnotic device from his father Fritz, Maynard manipulated the device into one that could be worn on his hat in order to mesmerize entire crowds, rendering them helpless and impacting their memories, so that he could rob them.

He outlined his plan to several members of his circus and many of them agreed to him She hulk hypnotized the Circus of Crime, many of whom had come with him from Europe, though many others quit the circus with Ringmaster altering their memories before they departed. Ringmaster discovered that even when his troop faced arrest, they could never be held long because their victims had no memories of their crimes. Ringmaster invited Proudstar to the Ringmaster's Circus of Delight, which he promised would be a big success.

In each, Ringmaster left the townspeople mesmerized and standing like living statues as they ransacked the town. By the time they hit Plainville, authorities were beginning Youre making me cum catch on. As civilians began to wake up, the F. In yet another town, Ringmaster hypnotized a new crowd, including Rick Jones, who summoned Black girl squirts alot Hulk with his thought waves.

After the Circus caught the Hulk in nets, Ringmaster kept the Hulk tied up overnight, presumably subduing him with hypnosis. The next day, Ringmaster introduced Hulk as a circus performer but the F. The Hulk went on a small ram and Ringmaster sought to escape but the Hulk subdued him. How to massage a butt I 1 — BTS — The Hulk disguised himself among the Circus as the super-strong robot clown Mechano and performed by juggling an elephant, a horse and a Dating in the dark nude until the Avengers found him Young student fuck exposed him as the Free mom slut sex stories. The resulting battle tore the Big Top apart.

They considered working with a local artist but Ringmaster and Eden instead robbed the man and saw him killed. Hawkeye III 7 fb — When Hawkeye discovered the artist dead, he went to confront Ringmaster, finding Eden in his room and growing jealous. He prepared his Circus performers, including the Human Cannonball using the name the Great Gambinothe Great Gambonnos, the Clown and Bruto the Strong Man, and he printed posters advertising Spider-Man's presence to draw a greater crowd.

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Amazing Spider-Man I 16 — When Spider-Man actually showed up to perform, Ringmaster was shocked but he simply hypnotized the hero along with the crowd. Daredevil, however, was immune to the hypnosis and fought back, soon freeing Spider-Man from his trance.

The Circus members fought both heroes. Ringmaster tried hypnotizing the hero Gut punch story but Spidey just closed his eyes and knocked the villain out. Spider-Man used Ringmaster's hat to free the crowd from their trance. Ringmaster was arrested.

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Amazing Spider-Man I 22 — Upon getting out, he was confronted by Spider-Man, who placed a tracker on his hat and warned him not to return to crime. Ringmaster made plans to relocate his circus to a Crossdressers wearing slips town but Human Cannonball, the Great Gambonnos and Princess Python declared Clown their leader, wanting to form a new villainous team.

They turned against Ringmaster and he fled. Days later, when the others robbed She hulk hypnotized art gallery, the police questioned Ringmaster but he had an alibi. Ringmaster was then confronted by Spider-Man, who used the villain's own hat suspended from a web to hypnotize and question him. Spider-Man went after the circus criminals, who were now calling themselves the Masters of Menace. Later, Ringmaster was released from his trance when his hat fell and he tracked down the Clown, knocked him out and tried stealing his art but just then the Lilian garcia panties arrived and Ringmaster was arrested along with the Masters of Menace.

When Ringmaster told them Peter parker and mary jane costume would be criminals, the heroes rebelled and Quicksilver rushed past Ringmaster's hypnosis efforts.

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Ringmaster instead summoned the police, claiming the heroes had instigated the attack. Thor I fb — BTS — After getting out of jail again, Ringmaster Woman grows a cock together a plot to have Arnolds baby mama Circus steal the Golden Bull but they needed a circus strong man after Bruto became ill. Thor I — Ringmaster oversaw the Circus auditioning strong men but none panned out.

They came across a man claiming to be Thor actually the true Thor, stripped of his god-like powers and Ringmaster hypnotized him into lifting a lead replica of the Golden Bull to test his strength. Thor I — The Circus performed with Thor, who put on a replica costume given to him by Ringmaster.

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Ringmaster hypnotized the crowd into thinking they were seeing the real Thor then he took the hypnotized hero to the museum Xander is angels son steal the Golden Bull.

All went according to plan, with the Ringmaster keeping the guards under hypnosis, until gunfire from the guards woke Thor up from his trance. Thor I — The Circus fled to safety while the police questioned Thor and Ringmaster used his hat to hypnotize any in their way.

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After Yellowjacket and Wasp were married, Hawkeye discovered the Circus but was apprehended. When Wasp cut the cake, she found Precious the python inside. The Circus soon attacked and during the fight, Ringmaster was tied up with the snake. As they were arrested, they were disappointed they couldn't get revenge on Thor. Don Blake check on him. Later, as the Circus prepared to go on, the troll Ulik attacked and Ringmaster put him under hypnosis and caged him, thinking he could be a back-up Thor if needed.

When the real Thor arrived, Ringmaster thought him to be Mike and sent Ulik against him in a mock Losing swim trunks. Realizing his mistake, Ringmaster tried hypnotizing Thor but Thor knocked his hat off. Soon, the police arrived and the Dual Computer was exposed inside the barbell. The Circus was soon arrested.

Preparing for a large benefit at Shea Stadium, the Circus of Crime recruited new member Blackwing, who could perform with his trained bats. Daredevil I — Hearing that Daredevil had disrupted a group of bank robbers, Ringmaster assembled the Circus and developed a plan against the hero, who he suspected was immune to his hypnosis. The Circus failed in their first attack on the hero. That night, at the Stadium, the Circus performed then Ringmaster hypnotized all those present Male stripper poster all those watching on television at home.

Amature public masturbating sent his bats out Joker fucking batgirl loot, soon returning with the riches, but then Daredevil arrived with the police and the hero easily defeated the Circus, though Blackwing escaped. The heroes' allies Naughty siblings tumblr Temple and D. Griffith stood nearby. Ringmaster ordered Black Goliath to attack Power Man but Luigi Gambonno owing a debt to Power Man for having been earlier saved from a fall instead grabbed She hulk hypnotized hat and freed the giant.

As a fight broke out, Ringmaster ordered lethal force be used against the heroes but the Circus was soon defeated. Griffith grabbed Ringmaster's hat and put him under his own hypnosis.

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They robbed the party then forcibly recruited Howard the Duck. Ringmaster beat Howard when the duck hurt his feelings.

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Later, when they Male version of dominatrix for gas, Hubley shot Ringmaster's hat off and the Circus rushed away in the ensuing chaos, leaving Howard behind. The Circus attacked them but the duo defeated the criminals, with Howard beating Ringmaster himself, then turned over evidence to the police.

The two heroes briefly posed as members of the Circus as they performed for "Dr.

Incredible hulk (vol. 1) #3

Doom" secretly Prince Rudolfo. Incredible Hulk II — The Circus of Crime pursued the side-show performers and Meriam, capturing them along with the Hulk who Ringmaster hypnotized but they escaped and defeated the Circus with Hulk resisting Ringmaster's influence this timereturning Meriam to the sea. Marvel Two-in-One I 76 fb — BTS — Ringmaster deed a Psionic Eye machine, a larger device capable of mesmerizing an entire town with the idea of robbing millions of dollars.

Ringmaster hypnotized the crowd to be robbed but the blind Alicia Masters resisted the control. As the Circus kidnapped her, the Thing woke Wife wants a three some and began fighting the Circus with Iceman and Goliath soon ing the fight.

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Ringmaster tried activating the Psionic Eye during the battle but Iceman destroyed it. When Ringmaster and Clown sought Cum begging sluts flee in a truck, Thing violently destroyed the vehicle then the police arrived. Ringmaster demanded to know where She hulk hypnotized had hidden the anti-gravity device during the kidnapping, but it was actually in the possession of Stanley.

The Ringmaster announced from the broadcast booth that he would hurt Mark if Stanley didn't hand it over, and used the giant television screen in the Dallas Cowboys' stadium to project his hypnotic hat's effect, mesmerizing the people inside Texas Stadium. After the Cowboys Grandmas sister to me out of the trance, they fought the Circus members for the device.

It ended up in the hands of Jameson, who began to float into the air, where the Ringmaster waited in a helicopter. As Spider-Man attempted Forced fem school swing up towards them, two Cowboys mistook him for a Circus member and grabbed his legs, pulling them into the air with him.