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Extrovert Sex against a window seeking friend to pleasures

My girlfriend and I maintained a pretty vanilla sex life for Dick expansion stories past three years. A few months back we were staying at a hotel, and during sex [11pmish] I was compelled to tell her to open the curtains, just to see how she'd respond. I could tell this really turned her on, and a few minutes later, I pushed a chair up to the window, told her to get on it, and started having sex with her doggystyle.

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My age: 64
Nationality: Sudanese
I prefer to drink: Champagne
What I like to listen: Classical
Tattoo: None

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Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Would you have sex against a window? Add Opinion. Did it from the 12th floor of a hotel room. No big deal and you never know if you were seen or not which makes it hot. This is from a girl who was banging a guy from the back of a large SUV doggie and spooning while another guy was driving the car through downtown Sarasota. Would think any guy fucking you would do it with you in the window if you asked him.

DizzyDesii 7. AlexanderBrunnrgaard Yoda. Shower window sure. But I do not believe that it's fair to subject passers-by Wives caught cheating on cam neighbours to unwanted exhibitionism. I'd rather show some class and treat sex with more of it. It Thanksgiving blow job seems very trashy to me.

If Silicone caulk dildo really wanted me, then I will help her. Xper 6.

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Been there done that I dated a chick that like to leave the windows and curtains open. I'm pretty sure some neighbors enjoyed the show because it was an apartment complex. That girl was freaky! Naturist teen camps Now! Related Questions. Show All. Did you ever sneak anyone in or did you ever sneak out against your parents will? Too Hot college cheerleader pics or nah?

Whats your sexual bucket Nude golf swing And How often do you take place in sexual acts as of now? Sort Girls First Guys First. I've done it in an all glass elevator once. I pumping her hard with no attention to grunts and she is expressing her pleasure with her pulled down top, dress up and nothing beneath that i had noticed earlier that originally put me in this mind and she was dressed fort seduction, It would have worked far better to have waited 5 minutes so my thrusts and her "very loud grunts combined with her reaction to each thust wasn't made a loud and operatic enough behavior were just waiting for this.

Drowningkingfish Xper 7. I thought the question asked if you would have sex with a window ouch.

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Anyway I'm going to say no since I have a fear of falling. TCredo 2K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Have enjoyed this more a few times high up in a hotels in different cities SjE78 2.

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Orangeandturquoise opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I've done that a couple times.

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Pretty fun but you gotta have good quadriceps as a guy at least. But do you mean like doggy with her leaning on the window or just her leaning up on the window with her back and getting fucked from in front? I would do it but at like hotel in like a different state or country. I have at a hotel where we could be seen from Gay werewolf romance novels the street from another hotel.

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It was way hot! I will not probably but no problem of fucking here Thai bar girl stories there!! It doesn't has to be on bed or couch all the time we have to put some change in it to have fun a little. Phoenix98 6K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Hmm maybe in like a really high up apartment or hotel. BillieJean 5. I did it Girl hypnotized to sleep the 19th floor of a hotel once. If anyone saw me what does it matter, I was from away. JessicaOrtiz Xper 2. I've had sex against a window a few times in hotels in Vegas. BuilderMike87 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Xper 3.

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That is so hot, yes I would. I also love the idea of doing it over a hotel balcony. Not important its her call.

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It might break though lol. OddBeMe 4. I think most guys would do it anywhere ladies wish. But why a window? Is it First tranny fuck seen from outside? Better to eat her out first like this and than fuck. Rudon00 2K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. When Naughty librarian tumblr having sex I literally don't care who sees and who hears.

Crowejerms Xper 4. Beside having. Fun right there!! Getting caught or having some1 catch or sees us is where tha fun at. SydneySentinel Guru. That's a pretty hot idea. I've never done it and I probably won't. Halfwaythere Xper 4. Yes she usually likes to tease people that can see inside.

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I wonder how many people have died doing that falling out. Trooper Yoda. Pornstars like hitomi tanaka, personally, no. If my Girl would want to, then yes! Why does this remind me of DizzyDesii? RemoErdosain Yoda. Xper 5. I love to.

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But haven't had that opportunity. Meropatrick Xper 6. WIth the kind of neighbors i have?

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Finchie40 2. Actually 1 of my fantasies no lieso yes I would. True life spanking stories have had it many times. It's fantastic. MysticDevice 1. DiversityHire Xper 7. Against a window with bulletproof glass I say yes.

Also depends how big she is and if I can control myself that moment :. ND4SPD31