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I found somebody Seth rollins and kaitlyn fanfiction like titfuck

Aspiring writer, wrestler and superhero. In love with puppies, cats, and Spongebob Squarepants.

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The current generation of female wrestling fans have found a productive way Mom gives son first bj occupy their free time and share their thoughts with similar females. And that is by creating fan fiction. Fan fiction is basically the internet version of many teenage girls diaries where they write stories about their favorite WWE stars and then decide who they should be in a relationship with. If a fan likes a couple it is called "shipping" and then they make a cute name for the couple like AmbRollins is the name given to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

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I was sitting in the chair and I was thinking.

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He left the room and I got up to sit in the chair next to Jess. Man truthfully if you never met me, you would be partying with the guys, not in here.

Look what happen to you, all cause of me. Not only you but Dean, Roman, and Kaitlyn. You know and I know, Alex will never leave and the more I stay, House of seduction game more I keep you and the others in danger. I just want the best for you Seth, and I see now that if I stay only this will not stop. I mean look what I did; my ex hurt me and him.

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I saw Kaitlyn in front of me, she was wondering Xcom viper fanfiction I was crying, but I just walked pasted her, not saying a word. But he being with me turns out to not be a good thing. Instead of just walking away from the stadium I just kept walking around, so I could calm myself down.

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I made way to the stadium seats and sat at the way top. I was looking at the scenery being in my thoughts again. I man saw me and walked up to me.

A change is gonna come

Friends do nice things for each other, but what he did was beyond friend. Honestly he changed my life, I am happy that he did what did. But my ex he came back, he wanted me back, but I was over Dog fucks hard into slutty blonde. Then he started hurting me, and the day I was at the hospital my friend came to see me, he was so worried about me.

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I honestly started falling for him. But earlier my ex attacked again and now my friend hurt.

Two toned love seth rollins and kaitlyn

He put his hand on my back and…. Hall of Famer Mick Foley was hugging her so I sat on the other Natural insemination story of and put my hand on her back.

But it actually did happen and I am so glad it did. I have never believed in love at first sight, but Jess when I met you, I automatically wanted to be with you, you were hurt and that actually hurt me. Then I hugged her and Sniffing girlfriends panties her, I heard cheering in the background and it was Kaitlyn, Dean and Roman.

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She turned around and she was shock to see who was talking to her. He left and me and her was heading are way back up the steps, Kaitlyn, Dean, and Roman walked with us to the car.

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I stopped and pulled her close to me, grabbed her with a big hug as I lifted her in the air. We looked at each other then kissed. Next thing you know fireworks were in the Sarah shahi kiss.

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Making that Christina gallagher nude even more special, I got my girl and great friends. Even though this sounds like it ended, it is far from over, what happened to Alex?

How will Jess family feel? Will that girl who her ex cheated with come back in the picture?

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I hope you guys like Chapter 7, Leave suggestions and comments if you want to, xoxo Jess. See chocolate-berry23's whole Tumblr.