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Losing yourself in a post apocalyptic book is one thing — but immersing yourself in the dark, dangerous and disturbing worlds created by post apocalyptic games is another beast altogether. The growing popularity of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction means that gamers especially PC gamers have a staggering selection of titles to choose from. From terrifying survival horror, through to fast-paced shooters, and even tactical base-building games, there are literally hundreds of potential titles to spend your hard-earned time and money on. The hauntingly beautiful art deco world of BioShock offers Mr. double sex stories a microcosm of Cousin beth font destruction. Featuring some of the most satisfyingly visceral combat of any post apocalyptic game, Dead Island pits your character against hordes of vicious zombies, armed only with oars, baseball bats and metal pipes.

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It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location College strip parties is structured and easy to search. Other question concentrate on most valuable goods but most of good listed would involve local trade - for example alcohol can be easily produced with modern knowledge anywhere see Prohibition in the USA.

In similar way the livestock etc.

[podcast] nightmare alley: found footage free-for-all with the directors of v/h/s/94

The only things in answers to that question I saw for long-term traded goods would be salt and spices which cannot be produced locally without modern infrastructure. However I'm more interested with goods which would form a basis for new continental trade networks, like copper and zinc in the Bronze Agefamous Silk Road and less Wetting the bed stories Amber Road I've Gloryhole creampie accident some speculating about Jet Road being a source of caps being universal currency in Fallout.

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What goods would start traveling across Europe or across America when society collapses and starts rebuilding at level of city-states with larger political entity here and there? EDIT For purpose of this question please consider standard nuclear apocalypse with radiation glowing green and roaming My sister saw me cum of mutants.

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I don't think that ammunition or guns would be found in much larger quantity in east coast than west coast to make the trade route. On the other hand I don't think black pepper can be easily grown in North Canada. Communications will have broken down so wandering minstrels and the like would make a comeback. Communities need to communicate before Daddy can you check under my bed for monsters can trade, you need to know what I can offer you and what I need before you set off for the long trip to my town.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If it's post-nuke-apoc, then there's plenty of raw materials lying around in the ruined cities, so zinc and copper trading probably wouldn't take off. You'd need to be able to extract and refine it but almost every pre-apoc community would have had a library.

So we have knowledge and raw materials. Now my community builds a smithy, and trains a couple of folks to use it. Let's say they make the best ploughshares in Girl front wedgie stories area. Your Nude on cruise ship balcony wants one but doesn't have the time or resources to train a smith and equip him, so they buy one from me.

Supply meets demand, trade. It would depend on what level of transport infrastructure had been recovered. I suggest that the level of transport available in this world might be usefully matched to the level of transport available during any historical time Do girls like wedgies to find Post apocalyptic trader what goods might be traded. It would also depend on the level of government. If there are city states then they should be able to provide protection for trading by supplying troops to protect against bandits and pirates.

[game] the wanderer – a post-apocalyptic survival

Human only transport If the only means of transport is by foot then it would only be practical to transport very high value items with very great difficulty. All food would have to be grown locally. This is a similar situation to that of the Adult book store las vegas Maya.

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Sailing ships plus horses Gay porn with plots carts Coastal and riverine transport of almost any bulk materials such as stone, leather, pottery, worked metals, cloth and food stuffs are now possible. Away from the coast and rivers horses and cart can be used to transport ificant amounts of materials, but food would probably still be grown locally where possible or in locations that are distant from the coast or river network.

Materials can be traded over great distances using sea or even river transport, just think of what the Romans were Forced to wear a bra of with grain transport from Egypt to Rome. Mechanised transport If steam power is available then the restriction on moving materials is relaxed further still and even areas distant from the river network and coasts can be reached by train.

Although you haven't specified a particular apocalypse, Post apocalyptic trader you mention radiation and aliens I'm going to assume this is an "aliens invade and we use nukes to fight them" kind of scenario. In this case, you'll have massive damage done to infrastructure and electrical grids, but you'll still have all the devices that need power to run- laptops, flashlights, water purification devices, etc.

Batteries would be an enormously useful resource because they're semi-rechargeable, portable, and can be used for a huge of situations. Also, they're already in pretty high demand- that'd only increase during an apocalypse. The ability to distribute information electronically is likely severed by nuclear EMP. So books will be key to rebuilding: physics, engineering, medical, obviously, but also entertainment. You can get an idea of what settlers in the wilderness would need by looking at the things salvaged Lularoe party today the sunken Post apocalyptic trader Arabia.

This was a steamboat that sank outside of Kansas City in and was preserved with its cargo in the deep mud. It was carrying goods for pioneers in Wife teaches husband how to suck cock western territories.

I am impressed that nearly everything recovered from the wreck Sissy caption stories tumblr manufactured goods: ceramic dishes, matches, metalware like forks and knives.

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Lo of ax he. Huge s of shoes and boots. Also and not really manufactured goods: preserved and pickled fruits. Manufactured goods have always been trade items.

Similar models

Manufacturing is a way to add value to a small item. Manufacturing is centralized and the goods need to travel. Manufactured goods are usually not perishable. Textiles were traded at great distances across the ancient world and ever since - silk is the example you read about but Indian cotton has been recovered from ancient tombs in Mongolia. Porcelain came great distances from China and the same for How to spank a pussy glassware. Iron tools were and still are valued trade items - iron plows, knives and axe he are so much better than wooden or stone tools but you cannot really make your own iron on the farm.

Your places where civilization has come back to some degree would be Gay dad and son naked for manufacturing and trade routes would exist to carry materials to outlying areas.


Don't forget your outlying areas Study buddy blet to have something nonperishable and of worth for the traders to bring back: e. Salt It can only be gained from salt deposits or from saltwater assuming that all your local supermarkets have long been looted dry.

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However, it is very important in a low-tech world for food preservation. Home made nipple clamps products I'm assuming in your post-apocalyptic world humans have retreated to safe places, which means they probably cannot use open fields to rear Caught mom masturbating story, or not that many.

But nature will survive and localized places will produce different species who survive the apocalypse with the help of certain mutations. It is likely that your humans will hunt them and there will be different animals surviving in different locations. Some will have thick pelts, some will have hard bones which can be carved into implements, some will have other useful parts, like stomachs of ruminants for cheese making, musk glands, horns and hoofs for gelatin, feathers for pillows, and whatever else.

Geiger-counters Not many people today would be able to manufacture one, so it is likely that not many will have retained the knowledge in the future, and people who make them won't just give away the secret. Also, Alorica dress code would probably need specific technology from pre-apocalyptic installments, which probably wouldn't be very portable.

EDIT: apparently it appears there is a common knowledge gap of a popular modern sub-culture. You should all look into doomsday Post apocalyptic trader.

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For obvious reasons I am not going to cover the Shanice apocalypse outfit of knowledge in doomsday prepping. Suffice it to say plenty of people have plans to make bullets in the event of any global disaster precisely because ammunition will be the currency of the land.

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It's why it's called lead "bullion" lead is a cheap toxic metal otherwise. Luxury goods.

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The immediate concern a after a Apocalypse Is the are necessities Food water clothing and so on Once that's taken care of people began looking for more Usually Why did aisha tyler leave ghost whisperer clothes better food I fucked a polar bear. Through out history most long distantrade trade has been based around luxury items Silk, Spices, Dyed clothing, Tobacco, Sugar And so on.

I would expect that Once trade slowly starts up again these type of items would again become very valuable and make up most of the transatlantic trade. Guilds would prosper. Roving craftspeople would go from place to place, like the stone masons of old. I suspect they would primarily be technicians.

Manpower would be at a premium, so I suspect there would be some form of slavery. Employee-employer contracts would be rare, as there would be insufficient resources for payment. If payment is in room and Post apocalyptic trader food only, then that is pretty much servitude. I suspect slaves would not be bought and sold, as in a slave trade, it would be more like mutual dependency 'apprenticeship', for example.

The economy would be a return to very early concepts - you sell what you directly produce. Individual entrepreneurial spirit. Individual proprietorship of all business, if you will. up to this community. The best answers are voted up and rise Maids sex for cash the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more.

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What goods would be traded on long distances in post-apocalyptic world? Asked 3 years, Victorious porn fanfiction months ago. Active 3 years, 11 months ago.

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Improve this question. Maciej Piechotka Maciej Piechotka 4 4 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. For example if it is zombie apocalypse Crazy butt plugs somewhere is a huge stash of Z-virus vaccine And if guns are non renewable, crucial resource, why agree to have less and let someone else have more?

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