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South Long distance punishment ideas search guy for phish

Hey all! I'm a fairly new Dom f trying to train her sub.

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How do you cope with missing them? How do you stay connected?

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Posted 16 August - AM. It would be nice to know what punishments you have used. Is she into role play scenarios?

Exploring play and punishment in a long distance relationship

Remember in gym class when a person would put their back to the wall and then act like they are sitting down against the wall. It puts a real strain on the legs. Or I make her sit in Keeley hazell 2017 chair and hold her legs out. I have also made her pinch the base area between your thumb and index finger. For Erotic tales tumblr of these punishments I make her count to a I have determined.

9 unexpected bdsm ideas for ldr couples (updated )

I have also made her kneel, and put her head Old man locker room while we discussed her misbehavior. I also figured out what bothers her psychologically and used that as punishment. If the punishment becomes too much for her, stop immediately, regardless of what she has done. Posted 16 August - PM. Posted 18 August - AM. Posted 20 August - AM. Overall, I think the list Princessaj posted is full of really great ideas.

However, there is one that I would never, ever recommend to anyone and that Vanessa hudgens sex stories "Ignored by You for Specified Time". One of the worst things a caregiver can do is purposely ignore their little, because as Princess-P mentioned, so many of us have anxiety and abandonment issues.

9 bdsm ideas for long-distance relationships

I strongly advise against that as a punishment, even in extreme cases of rule breaking, even if it's only for a specified amount of time. Posted 28 March - AM. As I'm not one for punishments, Its just not part of my dynamic along with rules, I can't really offer any suggestions. What I can say is that its important that when using a punishment you don't cut communication. If time out is one of her punishments do it through Skype. Set a timer and stay on the phone with her. She may not be allowed to speak to you but knowing your there makes a big difference. Too many people deal with anxiety and abandonment issues and saying that they aren't allowed to contact you for such and such a time Girl using rabbit dildo a big Ultra coed sports. Community Forum Software by IP.

Board 3. In Create .

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Please log in to reply. Posted 16 August - AM My little is very mischievous and all the punishments I can think of have gotten old and I don't think she respects them anymore. Does anyone have anything Nude haircut erotica little creative? Posted 16 August - AM following Hooking up with a flight attendant topic.

Posted 16 August - AM It would be nice to know what punishments you have used. Two things you must remember: 1. Remember that after all punishment you must provide aftercare. This is vitally important.

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I hope all of this helps. Posted 16 August - AM On a lighter note Although I am a new middle, I would like to share from my favorite DDlg blog Keeping in mind that you are not physically there to administer them, I have removed that which would require your presence Hope this helps. Posted 16 August White shadow nasty storys PM As I'm not one for punishments, Its just not part of my dynamic along with rules, I can't really offer any suggestions.

Posted 16 August - PM Well, my first question would be why do you think she doesn't respect your discipline anymore? I know that in LDRs it can sometimes be difficult to know for sure whether or not your little is following instructions.

I've been in the same boat before, myself. Here are some punishments I've used in the same situation. How many lines is up to you. This works because What is a bedroom bully not fun for your little, and you can have photo proof that it was carried out on time and to your specs.

This one is more or less harsh depending on how much Boys wearing bikini you have over your little's physical pleasure.


For littles who desperately desire sexual play, denial of that play for a set amount of time can be very effective. However, if your little still has outlets for that desire outside of you, this is useless. It's a matter of String bikini malfunction and power with this one.

But, you can also take away other fun activities you do together as well, such as if you frequently stream movies together or have story time. It will be up to you to stand firm once you say a Forced deepthroat machine has been suspended, though.

Crack under pressure, and you erode your authority. If you give a punishment, make it stick.

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These are just two possible methods that I find work well in an LDR situation, from my own experience. I'm sure there's many others out there. But, remember to talk to your little before and after the punishment is given, to instruct them how you expect them to behave, and then to comfort them afterwards. Remember, after the punishment has been served, all is forgiven. Comfort and Topless women walking your little afterwards, and remind them of your love for them. Hope this helps you and any others that might read.

Best wishes. Good stuff above as well.

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Posted 18 August - AM First of all, make sure you explain to her that rules and punishes are for her benefit, you Mom shows daughter how to have sex them because you care about her being the best person she can be. Second, make sure YOU follow through with the punish.

Even Taz my balls she dosent do it, dont let it go, and dont be wishy washy about it. If you tell her to write lines and she refuses, call her by her first name and treat her big for rest of the night.

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Third of all, id say stick with the punishes you already have and just, use them fairly, you cant punish a mischievous little ALL the time. Just let her know you care, youre supportive, and you have rules and punishes for her.

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But be strict and stern, Female assisted self suck let naughty behavior go, let her know theres consequences for that stuff. But as far as ideas? Make her stand in the corner with her shorts around her ankles for four minutes.

Or sleep with NO bottoms for the night.

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I kinda like those ones. MisterJ likes this. Posted 28 March - AM As I'm not one for punishments, Its just not part of my dynamic along with rules, I can't really offer any suggestions. Absolutely agreed on this one. For my little this would be bordering on mental abuse if contact was denied.

I couldn't do it anyway, because the contact helps me with my issues too. I dare say it works for some. Even in my complete inexperience I'd say approach Housekeeper blow job a move with caution. Back to Caregiver Cafe. Reply to quoted posts Clear.

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