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On this day inResident Evil 4 was released everywhere, and to this day it remains the most successful game in the franchise. Winning a plethora of awards in the year of its release, RE4 redefined the horror genre for gaming, offering up a perfect balance of third-person action Mom sucking babyies dick story genuinely terrifying moments. It also has a few moments of comic relief to help ease the suffocating tension of the game.

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Up until Resident Evil 7 and the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3the Resident Evil franchise was endearingly known for extremely poor writing and lackluster voice acting. Even Resident Evil 4, which is considered one of the best games of all time, has some notably bad dialogue. Reading only the ten quotes below, you would not be faulted for thinking the game was a bad action-comedy from the 80s or 90s ; something on par with Miami Connection. It is difficult to tell if the game is so enjoyable because of the writing or in spite of it. Regardless, the gameplay remains intense. Ramon Salazar says he is sending his right-hand man after Leon, and Couples first threesome protagonist thinks this is an appropriately witty retort.

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Source: presidentsdaughterashley-blog. And that we did. I do owe you my life!

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I have just finished my college. And daddy got me a job at his office.

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At least now you can handle yourself if the situation arises. I can!

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Ashley Graham refresh message memories theme. How about we do some "overtime"?

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I am Ashley Graham. My father is the president of the United States.

What happened to ashley after re4

I'm 24 years old. About 4 years ago a handsome agent, Leon S. Kennedy, saved me from a horrible Lord Saddler. I'm so not into him.

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Face Claim Dianna Agron. This is four years after Resident Evil 4.

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So the year is in the official timeline, but who cares about timelines anyway in tumblr. Oh, Ashley Graham. Hello to you too. You are… that woman.

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Source: presidentsdaughterashley-blog Posted 9 years ago, on May 30, with 7 notes. Darck, is that correct?

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Who are you? Nice to meet you Mr. You know Leon?

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That is awesome! Source: presidentsdaughterashley-blog Posted 9 years ago, on May 30, with 4 notes.

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Posted 9 years ago, on May Last time you got kidnapped we Kate upton swx through hell…. Posted 9 years ago, on May 30, with 8 notes.

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I hope you are all well! Posted 9 years ago, on May 30, with 4 notes.

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Posted 9 years ago, on May 30, with 47 notes.