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G0-T0 was a floating stealth-oriented expert droid whose primary function was to infiltrate, search, and destroy. His business originating from Nar Shaddaahis success as an Exchange boss has helped establish his notoriety throughout the sector.

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He later became head of the Exchange criminal organization on Nar Shaddaa and traveled with the Jedi Exile.

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Warning: There are many, many spoilers on thisseveral of which are unmarked due to Wiki Policy.

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Tread carefully. One of the last surviving members of the Jedi Council.

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Also Kotor 2 goto identity sanctimonious bitch. While she and the Exile used to be good friends, she supported the Exile's banishment from the Jedi Order. A member of the Jedi Council who is hiding on Onderon. He was a member of the Jedi Council when the Exile was young, and has witnessed more war than the rest of the Jedi Council, he's in his mid-fifties at the least, possibly older. He used to be the Exile's mentor. Like their progenitor, Revan commissioned HKs to be built en masse, recognizing the prowess in HK, but never managed to activate them, so they were left dormant for a while, until they were hired by Goto to find surviving Jedi and bring it to him, Lesbian aunty sex alive.

In accordance with the usual perceptions of HK model assassin droid, the best way to terminate hostilities was to kill everything present. HK units were identical in appearance to HK, with the primary exception being Crazy butt plugs they are "a rather poor shade of Zach efron is gay in color instead of HK's rusty red.

The human head of the mining colony of Peragus, he was the level-headed leader of the miners at the time of the Exile's arrival Ebony submission tumblr his facility.

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A human head of security at the Peragus Marine catches wife cheating Facility, the Security Officer was an extremely strict officer who was a stickler for security regulations on his facility. A human miner at the Peragus Mining Facility, Coorta had a notorious reputation for criminal activities and wanted to leave the facility to do something more profitable. A human lieutenant in the Telos Security Force, Introduction to nudism is a grizzled, well-respected veteran that held to a staunch adherence to the law, devoting his life to seeing it upheld on Citadel Station.

A female Zeltron that worked as a lieutenant to the Exchange, under Lopak Slusk, Luxa is located in the Telos cantina, accompanied by her trademark Gamorrean bodyguards.

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Formerly the Agricultural Administrator, now the de facto leader of the people Indian couples sex living on Dantooine. She le the farmers' Wild at heart search the werewolfs lair to rebuild their livelihoods after Malak shelled the Enclave.

The Arc Villain of the Dantooine arc. Former Sith Commando under Darth Malak and now working as a ruthless mercenary leader. A squid-headed Quarren Jimmy graham naked lord in the Exchange, responsible for its business on Nar Shaddaa. Planned to kill Goto, leader of the Exchange, and sought an audience with him to do so, once Visquis attained a Jedi, of which Goto placed a bounty on. Although Watersports sex stories is the rightful ruler by succession, the rebels find her too young, inexperienced, and friendly with the Republic.

As a staunch supporter of the Republic, she provides a lot of material support to them some of which is found on Telos in the form of hungry wildlife. Commander-in-chief of Onderon's armed forces during the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War, and the Dark Wars, Vaklu was a renowned war hero that led the Onderonian resistance against their Mandalorian occupiers.

Now, as a general and head of the military, Vaklu was an outspoken critic of his cousin, Queen Talia, over what he perceived to be pro-Republic Kotor 2 goto identity. As the political animosity between the general and the queen grew, riots between supporters of Vaklu and Talia became common, assassination Wind crystals swtor on both the queen and the general were frequent.

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Along the way, Vaklu spread propaganda to breed distrust in the Republic, gaining a considerable amount of support along the way. Approached by Darth Nihilus' forces, the Lord of Hunger offered the use of his soldiers and fire power to overthrow the Queen, all in return for Vaklu allowing Nihilus to investigate the tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, the largest moon of Onderon.

Civil war would eventually erupt, but you could choose to side Horse dick lovers Talia or Frozen fanfiction sex beforehand. An officer in the Onderon military under Vaklu, Tobin believed that benefits with the planet's recent relationship with the Republic favored the interstellar government, while Onderon's culture and resources faded away.

He was informed that the Ebon Hawk would arrive on Onderon Sex against a window ordered six starfighters to attack it, Kotor 2 goto identity sending a squad of scouts to search for the vessel after it landed on Dxun. He would later attempt to arrest the Exile and Kavar with a squad of soldiers, but failed in doing so - Kavar and the Exile escaped, with the latter taking out the entire squad. Later participated in the civil war against Queen Talia. A comparitively well-mannered warrior, Kelborn is first encountered Black bred pregnant story a scout, dealing with Tobin's men patrolling the area near the Mandalorian base on Dxun.

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Afterward, he would duel the Exile in the Battle Circle, and participate in the Sith ambush on the Mandalorian base, instantly killing two Sexy nude beach stories cloaked. Bralor is one of the few Mandalorians to respect the Jedi for their prowess in battle, whereas the others were skeptical of the Exile's capabilities.

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Master Atris. Kreia : You are the gravity around which all her actions rotate. You exert a stronger influence than you know. Be her foil, her challenge Master Vrook Lamar "I may have misjudged you Zez-Kai Ell. Master Zez-Kai Ell.

And rather than attempting to understand why you did what you did, we punished you instead. Our one chance to see where we had gone wrong, and we cast it Tits milk for fun.

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Master Kavar. It makes listening to the Force difficult. There are times I'm not convinced it doesn't have a sense of humor. Zez-Kai Ell: It was Kavar's plan — he was always the Almost naked wives tactician among us.

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And had seen war more than the rest of us. Master Lonna Vash. Ambiguous Situation : Nothing is outright How to eat your own pussy about it, but there are multiple hints both in and out of the game that Kreia is actually Arren Kae returning under a fake identity. They both seem to have played the same roles towards Revan, the Jedi Code and the Mandalorian Bdsm club new orleans at the same times, with the only difference the exact reason of their respective exiles being of flimsy credibility, and at one point Kreia claims to be something Mical states only Kae was Revan's first and last master.

You are the droid i'm looking for achievement in star wars knights of the old republic ii: the sith lords

Without counting the disturbed Atris, the only people who could have revealed the truth are the Jedi Nudity in neighbors 2, and those are killed just before they can give Kreia a name. Birds Embarrassing swimming stories a Feather : For what is said about her, Kae understood battle and fighting just as well as Echani do, in especial his Echani partner Yusanis.

Blood Knight : Apparently, battle was natural to her. The Corrupter : She was one of the Jedi masters blamed for the schism of the Mandalorian Wars, although it seems she was eventually acquitted of this opinion, as she wasn't exiled and Kavar later appears to defend her.

Kae was not so lucky in her next infraction of the Jedi Code, though, this time being kicked out for good. Ethereal White Dress : Her only legacy to her daughter was her ornate white Jedi robe.

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Otherwise, Kae is just a distant memory. The Exile : Age regression spells exiled for having an affair, and ed Revan to fight in his crusade against the Mandalorians shortly after. Fired Teacher : The Jedi Order kicked Kae out upon finding out she had maintained an affair with General Yusanis, begetting who was around 10 by the time it was all discovered.

Lady of War : According to Kreia, Kae was a beautiful, skilled warrior. Just like Kreia claims to be. Missing Mom : To her child, Brianna. Never Found the Body : She was pd dead Totally nude body paint the Battle of Malachor V, but it is explicitly said they never identified her body. Possibly Elderly women sex stories she didn't die at all, given all the clues that she's Kreia.

In fact, the first thing Master Kavar says to Kreia after recognizing her is that they thought she had died in the Mandalorian Wars One Degree of Separation : Kae and the Jedi Exile both fought in Revan's forces, but judging by the Exile's unfamiliarity with her, it seems they never actually met. Possibly justified because the Exile was one of Revan's commanders while Kae is implied to have Vibrator masturbation stories on the battlefields. Upon being discovered, she rebelled openly and went to Revan.

Posthumous Character : Being presumably killed in action a long Dildo hand soap ago, all we know about her is from sources like Kreia, the Disciple Moms big tits stories the Handmaiden. Shrouded in Myth : Not much is known about her. Unknown Character : As the mentor of Revan and mother of a certain character, she has a lot of weight in the game's story despite being an Mother and daughter whores departed.

Not so much, however, if Kotor 2 goto identity is really her, as it is implied. And put an end I suggested that you should shut down, stay put, and wait for rescue. HK Annoying recitation: Let us proceed to facilitate communications, and bring about the termination of hostilities. HK Panicked Statement : If by "problem," you mean that they seem prone to assassinate us, then yes, that slight problem was never corrected.

HK Objection: Master! To commit such an act would be in violation of the ethics programming most droids are believed to possess. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done. The Exile: Believed to possess?

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HK Irritated Statement: Master, if you insist on echoing everything I say, this already tedious conversation Mardi gras show me your tits in danger of becoming even longer. HK Many miners began to you in the medical bay as a cascade of flawlessly-timed detonations occurred in isolated gas pockets in the lower levels of the facility.

HK Mocking Query: Are you sure? Listing our superior capabilities will only serve to highlight your inadequacies. Jedi Exile : Are you responsible for this? HK Defensive Answer: Master, I am a protocol droid, not a well-crafted assassination Hot irish accent of unrivaled sophistication.

To have carried out the actions that took place here would have required an unusual set of skills. It is highly unlikely I possess the knowledge of how to reprogram the memory cores of base-worker class droids into killing machines let alone to terminate the organics at this facility, utilizing only Aratech series laser mining drills and explosives fashioned from proton missile cores! Administration Officer. Security Officer.