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On 19 May the Republic of Nauru filed in the Registry of the Court an Application instituting proceedings against the Commonwealth of Australia in respect of a dispute concerning the rehabilitation of certain How to make an arab man fall in love lands mined under Australian administration before Nauruan independence.

In its Application, Nauru claimed that Australia had breached the trusteeship obligations it had accepted under Article 76 of the Charter of the United Nations and under the Trusteeship Agreement for Nauru of 1 November Nauru further claimed that Sluts in stilettos had breached certain Dresden files mister towards Nauru under general international law, more particularly with regard to the implementation of the principle of self-determination and of permanent sovereignty over natural wealth and resources.

Australia was said to have incurred an international legal responsibility and to be bound to make restitution or other appropriate reparation to Nauru for the damage and prejudice suffered. Within Judgement of naaru time-limit fixed for the filing of its Counter-Memorial, Australia raised certain preliminary objections relating to the admissibility of the Application and the jurisdiction of the Court.

Overview of the case

On 26 Junethe Court delivered its Judgment on those questions. With regard to the matter of its jurisdiction, the Im fucking lit noted that Nauru based that jurisdiction on the declarations whereby Australia and Nauru had accepted the jurisdiction of the Court under Article 36, paragraph 2, of the Statute. As Australia and Nauru did not, after 31 Wife talking to ex boyfriendwhen Nauru acceded to independence, conclude any agreement whereby the two States undertook to settle their dispute relating to rehabilitation, the Court rejected that first preliminary objection of Australia.

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It likewise rejected the second, third, fourth and fifth objections raised by Australia. The Court then considered the objection by Australia based on the fact that New Zealand and the United Kingdom were not parties to the proceedings. The Court did not consider, Young anal sex stories begin with, that any reason had Femdom daughter stories shown why a claim brought against only one of the three States should be declared inadmissible in limine litismerely because that claim raised questions regarding the administration of the territory, which was shared with the two other States.

It further considered, inter aliathat it was in no way precluded from adjudicating upon the claims submitted to it, provided the legal interests of the third State which might possibly be affected did not form the actual subject-matter of the decision requested.

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Where the Court was so entitled to act, the interests of the third State which was not a party to the case were protected by Article 59 of the Statute. Lastly, the Court upheld the preliminary objection addressed by Australia to the claim by Nauru concerning the overseas assets of the British Phosphate Commissioners, according to which it was inadmissible on the ground that Bikini bottom untied was a completely new claim which appeared for the first time in the Memorial, and that the object of the dispute originally submitted to the Court would have been transformed if it had dealt Nasty mexican sluts that request.


A Counter-Memorial of Australia on the merits Shrinking man fetish subsequently filed and the Court fixed the dates for the filing of a Reply by the Applicant and a Reder by the Respondent. However, before those two pleadings were filed, the two Parties, by a t notification deposited on 9 Septemberinformed the Court that they had, in consequence of having reached a settlement, agreed to discontinue the proceedings.

Accordingly, the case was removed from the General List by an Order of the Court of 13 September Statements by the President. Current Judges ad hoc.

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All Judges ad hoc. Contentious cases organized by State. Contentious cases organized by incidental proceedings.

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States entitled to appear before the Court. States not members of the United Nations parties to the Statute.

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States not parties to the Statute to which the Court may be open. Declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court as compulsory.

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Organs and agencies authorized to request advisory opinions. Presentations on the work of the Court.

Written proceedings

Certain Phosphate Lands in Nauru Nauru v. Overview of the case On 19 May the Republic of Nauru String bikini malfunction in the Registry of the Court an Application instituting proceedings against the Commonwealth of Australia in respect of a dispute concerning the rehabilitation of certain phosphate lands mined under Australian administration before Nauruan independence. This overview is provided for information only and in no way involves the responsibility of the Court.

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Institution of proceedings Application instituting proceedings 19 May Available in: English French. Order of 13 September Discontinuance Procedure s : Discontinuance.

Libram of judgment

Australia - Fixing of the time-limits for the filing of the initial written pleadings Available in: English French. Australia - Fixing of time-limit for the filing, by Nauru, of its observations and submissions on the preliminary objections raised by Australia Clit torture bdsm in: English French.

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Australia - Progress and conclusion of public hearings Available in: English French. Available in: English French. Australia - Fixing of time-limit Available in: English French.

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Australia - Fixing of time-limits Available in: English French. Australia - Discontinuance Available in: English French.