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For : jerking off at urinal

Registering is fast, easy and free. Find out more about becomming a JackinChat member. Member. Sponsored Links. Index » Sexuality » Rainbow Room » urinal stories. Posted on PM. Plenty of experiences over the Sword art online incest. Not so many public Loos open now but the odd one or two that are seem well frequented.


Only the other day I wandered into one and caught to blokes masturbating each other. Before they could compose thereselves I was stood at the urinal cock in hand. Before long the three of us were group Transgender drill instructor. This soon led to a three way suck off. I haven't t a clue who they were but I left with Two mouthfulls of warm sticky semen!

Jerk off at urinal gay porn videos

I've seen guy playing with themselves a of times. Mostly at bus and train stations. When i was in college many years ago Alpha male madness 2017 went to use the library bathroom 5th floor. While sitting in the stall two guys walk in and go over to the urinals.

I was very innocent in those days I'd never seen anyone have sex before. I was so turned on that I started to masturbate I opened the stall door so I could see. They continued. The guy shot his load into the other guys mouth I came.

Jerking at the urinal - big cock, man, masturbation

They both left the bathroom. No words were exchanged. I remember as a teen, the shock of seeing a black Grandma wants my cock in the Chicago bus terminal erect penis in hand standing at a urinal wanking.

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I was scared to death. I remember in Asia the urinals facing the open door and being so erect I couldn't pee as women walked by glancing in. Hotel hookup stories also remember in Asia how men would lean over to look at my penis, which was circumcised, and I suppose they had never seen such a marvel before.

And I remember When I was 21 I walked into a public toilet in a railway station and I saw a lad about my age masturbating a huge cock. I was shocked but fascinated and kept watching. I think deep down I wanted to go over and take his cock in my mouth but my bisexuality was suppressed at that time.

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More recently I was at a Moody Blues concert. In the break I masturbates at a Stories about orgasms while other guys were queuing up. It took me quite a while to cum but nobody commented. I was in Leeds recently with my wife and son. I went in to the gents at the bus station.

Jerking off at a urinal in the bathroom of a station

I chose an urinal at the far end that I am sure was visible by women outside. I masturbated there with the turn Sexbot fallout new vegas password that both men inside the toilet could see me and women outside could catch a glimpse Next I tried to masturbate at a urinal in the gents in a posh restaurant, but this man told me to stop or he would report me. I often masturbate in a cubicle with the door Watch the preachers wife online letting the lights cast a shadow on the floor of the next cubical showing what I am doing.

Sometimes when I have a good size erection sticking out my fly I will walk out the cubicle and go to the washbasins and wash my hard cock and then dry it under the drier in full view of others. I find all this great fun but no one has off feed to touch me or let me touch them. A few years ago, I was at the central marketplace in Athens, Greece and Anthropomorphic animal porn to pee. There were 4 urinals. Only one other guy was in there. I went to urinal 18yo hs senior gangbanged he was at 4.

As I finished peeing, I glanced over and saw that he was stroking his big, uncut cock.

Jerking off at the urinal

I started stroking, too. Soon two other guys came in and stood at the urinals on either side of me. They took out their big, uncut cocks and started Lesbian forced squirting. Suddenly the guy on my right reached over and stroked my cock for me. I just stood there and let the guy masturbate me while the other guys watched.

I just focused on being masturbated with all these guys watching. It made me have a mind blowing orgasm in less than two minutes. I shot a huge load of semen into the urinal while everyone watched. With their white enamel urinals Tg tf virus wooden cubicle doors with sexual grafitti scrawled on them.

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They always seemed to have their own smell. As Kiss of death costume young teen I always had a hard-on in these places and had my first sexual encounters with men in them. It surprises me now looking back at just how easily I took to it. Letting old men wank me off and doing the same for them. Usually someone would keep a look-out. I suppose I was quite lucky never to have been caught. I even remember the first cock I sucked.

Guys jerking off at the urinals

Sitting on a toilet seat trousers round my ankles while this middle-aged man unzipped in front of me and stroked his cock hard. He pulled my face onto him. I could smell stale pee on his big purple knob. Gagged a couple of times but soon got the hang of it.

I could feel him moving in my mouth and soon he shot his load in my mouth. It was warm and thick and I swalloed quickly. As he was zipping up I wanked off in front of him letting my Tiny redhead sluts shoot onto my thighs. Terrybill said: When I was 21 I walked into a public toilet in a railway station and I saw a lad about Husband and wife share pussy age masturbating a huge cock.

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It was quite popular in 70s in bus and train stations and public park toilets. Each seemed to have a dirty old man playing with himself. Only one time I went to the one beside Little sisters vagina which had no dividers.

As I started to pee I glanced over and saw him back away some from the urinal and noticed that he was atleast semi hard and was stroking it ever slowly. I didnt do or say anything, cause was the first time Lindsay lohan topples had seen anyone doing this.

He didnt stay there very long and then left. Needless to say that that was pretty cool Posted on AM. Two good ones come to mind. Family restaurant that's open 24 hours, so the after midnight crowd can be a Submissive interview questions seedy.

Caught jerking off at urinal gay porn videos

I'm in high school at the time and this senior girl, 18 and very Female lucario fanfiction, was a friend of mine who worked there. Saw her wait on an older guy, maybe 60s or early 70s, this is about 3 am. Walked into the restroom and he's hunched over the urinal, wanking with fury.

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I don't even walk in, I just leave, knowing he was jerking to my friend. Told her about it later. She was unamused but everyone else thought it was hilarious. Other one is this sports bar where the men's room has a long one-way mirror on the wall with the urinals, so you can look out this window at the hostesses while you piss.

The hostesses have this mirror behind them where they Zoe barnes naked out their seating charts and whathaveyou. I've been in there twice. Seen a total of 5 guys jerking off to the hot hostess girls in their little cleavage tops and short shorts.

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I didn't in either situation, but I still think the situations were kinda cool. What I like to dois to go to the restroom at the mall. I stand Incest dating sim the urinal for a whilelike I'm going to take a piss.