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It's a weekend evening, and your best friend Derek has just invited you over to a house party to meet some new people and have some thrills. And possibly to get a little action as well. Randy this is cum really the entire story.

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Rachael is a character in House Party.

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This guide will tell you Black bitches in bondage how to complete Katherine's story in the House Party game. It is super in-depth and it might seem hard because there is a lot of text but it is actually pretty easy and fast. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to complete her story, you can actually use Rachel's story to complete it too but that will be covered in another guide. If you don't want spoilers then close this guide and never come back until you finished the story yourself.

Katherine is one of the two girls that you can have sex with Dressing my brother as a girl other one being Rachel.

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Her story is a lot easier than Rachel's story and you can finish it pretty fast with some training. Also, I am sorry if this guide is hard. This is a super indepth guide, you pretty much have every single detail that you need to know in here. English is not my main language and so I don't really know how to type everything properly. Make sure to leave any questions in the comments and I will help you!

Now go to Stephanie and introduce yourself to her. This is just so that Katherine Brother wearing my underwear like you more.

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Ok, now you are ready to start the story. Go to Katherine and talk to her. Now go back to Frank but this time look at the table. You will find an empty vodka bottle on the table. Right click on it and inspect Just big old boobs.

House party - fucking rachael in vr mode and in bathroom

Now talk to Frank and ask him if Families at nude beach can take it. Take it and talk to Frank again and tell him that you will put a good word for him. After this you will have to keep following her because she will go from room to room to get al.

Once she goes in the master bedroom or the garage you can turn the cellphone jammer off by going in your inventory and close the door of the room. Also make sure that there are no people around.

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Then, Nude athletic couples to her and tell her to take those photos. After she agrees tell her to remove her top and once she is in her bra tell her that you don't think that Frank was talking about photos like that.

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Once her bra is off, open the inventory, go to the camera and Nude female rectal temperature "take photo". You can take 1 picture, it will be enough, but feel free to take as many as you want, you will not have this chance again.

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Go back to Katherine and give her the rum. She will tell you to show your sausage to everyone at the party including her. You can do that by pressing "P". Go to everyone and wait for a text to appear with all of them.

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After that, go to Katherine and tell her you are done. After this you can tell her to go somewhere private, follow her. Once you are Look down her top, give her the salami and go to the tap in the kitchen and fill that "empty vodka bottle" with water and give it to her.

After that get out of the room and close the door.

[achievements] house party (rachael)

Open the door again and she will be naked. Close the door and lock it with the "Mysterious key", take your clothes off using "y" and have fun with her. Game Guides. House Party. Console Commands Cheats. Alcohol Locations.


Walkthrough Romance Guide. Stephanie's Story Walkthrough. Her story can be completed in two ways: Use the phone jammer.

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Use Rachel's story to get her alone in a room. This guide will only tell you how to use the Sexy dirty fanfiction jammer way to complete her story.

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In the master bedroom that Grease monkey complaints upstairs you will find a closet, open the doors and get inside. There will be a big shelf, look for a camera. Go in the study room where Brittney stays until you complete her story and look for an SD card on the table.

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Go in the garage and look for a phone jammer you will find it on the "table" that is right in front of you when you get in the garage. Get the "Mystery Key"that is used to lock the master bedroom door from the left end of the mantle above the fireplace in the Wife hides under bed room where Stephanie is dancing.

Watch free house party - fucking rachael in vr mode and in bathroom

Grab the "Salami" from the fridge. Tell her that you use "need" in a wrong way. Ask her what she thinks of Stephanie. Ask her if she wants anything to drink. Ask her what she likes to drink. Go and talk True life spanking stories Frank.

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Tell him that you did not drink. Ask him if he is going to guard the drinks all night. Ask him what he thinks of Katherine. Go back to Katherine. Tell her that Frank is guarding the drinks. Tell her that Frank Amature bj and swallow a crush on her.

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Go back to Katherine and tell her that you need to give him topless pics of her to get alcohol. At this point you need to do 2 things: Go in Bdsm play parties inventory by pressing "i" and go to the camera, right click on it and select "use with" and select SD card.

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Go in your inventory again, go to Bai baihe nude cellphone jammer and turn it on. Go back to Frank and give him the camera. He will tell you that you have 1 pick. Take the rum.