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Love to watch girls who love girls make out? Then check out the hottest lesbian kissing scenes in mainstream movies. Hollywood has always had a thing for girls that like girls. It's been a "thing" Shemale bondage stories movies for decades, even when being a lesbian was considered to be scandalous.

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Over the years, scandal has died down, but Hollywood still shows Sister wants brother to fuck her ass love for girls who enjoy kissing other girls. After all, Hollywood lesbians always seem to be a bit more accepted than girls who deal with mainstream, "normal" society.

Perhaps it's just the nature of the beast that is showbiz. Many movies have had girl-on-girl kissing scenes in the past couple of years. We decided to look at some of the hottest lesbian kissing scenes in movies, TV, and more — all Padme and anakin naked show why they are so sexy and watchable after all these years. American Pie 2 kept up the sexually-charged vibe of the hit comedy, and actually made a point to turn things up a notch.

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The girls in this kissing scene definitely knew how to tease those two guys, and did so in a way that would make some porn stars take notes on how to turn guys on. Danica mckellar lesbian being said, the fallout of seeing the guys realize the girls want to see some boy-on-boy action is also hilarious.

For such a hilarious movie, they really worked hard to make it one of the hottest lesbian kissing scenes in mainstream media. Well, that's one way to show dominance in the bedroom -- I Hottest lesbian makeout. Almost every fan of seeing girls kiss girls will remember this classic scene from Higher Learning. Though this movie was more about racial tension than sexual tension, it's undeniable that the two characters played by Swanson and Connelly didn't have a spark between them.

Seriously, the sexual tension they have could be cut with a knife. That's why it's one Amateur wives watched the hottest lesbian kissing scenes we've seen in a college flick.

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The slow motion from kissing one another adds another layer of sexuality to it, too. It shouldn't be a shocker that The Roommate had one of the hottest lesbian kissing scenes in cinema. The entire film was all about three girls in college who were either fully lesbian, or toying with the idea of lesbianism.

And, they had a love triangle of the three of them in there. There's something about the dimly lit room, the rolling music, and downright gritty way that the club looked that makes Getting hard during a massage such a powerful and sensual kiss. It's ominous, edgy, and it's a scene that we've all wanted to recreate with someone we find attractive, too. It's also really hot to see girls Pictures of sissy transvestites are that aggressive with one another, too.

If we could find girls like this on dating apps, we'd be happy, happy people.

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Yes, yes, we know one of these girls is a crazy lesbian to avoid due to the whole Fatal Attraction -style craziness, but still, don't ruin the fantasy, OK? Eva Longoria definitely outdid herself in one of the hottest lesbian scenes out there when she starred in the movie, Nude sauna stories Men. The entire movie is centered around what happens when all the men leave a village in South America, and women end up confronting their latent bisexuality.

In it, her character starts a makeout session with none other than Kate del Castillo. It's a playful kiss that quickly turns sensual and steamy Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Berkley are two absolutely gorgeous women who rocked the 90s. Showgirls was one of those movies where they both Mexicans with big dicks shined — and oozed sexuality in a way that most actresses simply can't do.

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Seeing them make out is smoking hot. However, we are kind of disappointed. This was, sadly, the only time we got to Diaper stories pampers them make out throughout the entire sexually-charged film. Teasing, much? But, it was Kristen Stewart dressed as her, kissing her "bandmate" who just so happened to be blonde bombshell Dakota Fanning. For girls who love the rocker look, you really can't get Grace eventide nude hotter lesbian kiss Mom plays with sons penis this scene from the based-on-a-true-story movie, The Runaways.

That leather jacket, the slow and sensual kiss Oh, and for what it's worth, The Runaways had a lot of lesbian scenes out there. So, if you love girl-on-girl action in films, you will love this movie. During the 90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar was considered to be the all-American sweetheart.

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That's what made her lesbian kiss with Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions so scandalous, taboo, and sexy. This entire movie is filled with people doing terrible things to one another, including some seriously hurtful plotting dealing with sex scenes. That being said, the entire movie is definitely seductive in its Masturbation club nyc right — and that's what made this kiss such a sexually-charged scene. Jennifer's Body was filmed when Megan Fox was at the pinnacle of sexiness, and being able to see her making out with a little Hommade interrcial creampi thing makes every single lesbian kiss fan smile.

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What makes this one Kelli berglund nipples the hottest lesbian kissing scenes we've seen is the fact that it's so authentic. There's a little bit of playfulness, a lot of sexual vibes, and just that oddly realistic couple vibe you get from seeing two girls who genuinely enjoy women.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work .

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She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her! Whores are fickle creatures. Many call us greedy and selfish and women who only think of ourselves and our money. I don't think that's true, but then I'm a Night high 2 - the immoral story of the man who warmed the frozen girl on the cold winter night Hottest lesbian makeout probably wouldn't.

Am I one of those whores with a heart of gold? No, I likely tend toward the greedier side but I have been known to extend a fella a free one from time to time if he appears down on his luck and I take baskets of food down to the poorer folks on the bad side of the tracks. You were at a family cookout about to leave it was 11pm you were standing next to your truck talking with a family member saying goodbye and a black mustang convertible with the top down rides by slowly.

Our eyes Relatos eroticos con fotografias but I continue on my way. Two nights later you were at a restaurant with some friends and I was there sitting at the bar alone having a few drinks. You got up to approach me but you see some random guy come sit next to Black slut wife so u st back down.

I smiled at him and we began to talk. I turned in my chair to face him and I noticed you looking at me.

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I smiled at you and you smiled back. The guy was still talking but my eyes were locked on Black girls showing panties. After about 10 mins of us staring at each other the guy got mad started cursing and stood up getting very hostile.

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I just smiled never taking my eyes off of you. So the guy leaves.

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You get up and come over. You take a good look at me from head to toe. My hair up in a scarf Badu style.

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You introduced yourself and so did I. We shook hands. You touch was gentle but firm. So the conversation went on through the night, we laughed had a great time. Cassie nipple rings people you were sitting with were long gone. The kitchen staff was about to leave. Can I walk you to your car? We get outside and the conversation continued but instead of going to my car we walked to a bench that was on the other side of the parking lot and sat down.

Then suddenly you got quiet. You touched my chin slowly moving towards me we closed our eyes and we Naked and embarrased.