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Naked nudist daughter You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode Muscle growth fiction clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Angry grandpa nursing home prank is my first story I've ever really written and I'd love any feedback or comments.

So if it doesn't sound like it's for you, I understand :. Dylan sat in his seat dreading his life choices as he listened to the professor drone on about one ancient philosophy after another. Taking a 3 hour lecture on a Friday in the evening was, at this point, the worst decision he felt he could have ever made.

He needed this class to graduate, Futa human condom he should've thought harder about taking a once-a-week 3 hour philosophy class taught by a professor who was as boring as he was old; Dylan was sure he was old enough to have known Plato personally.

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Brushing his dirty blonde Futa human condom out of his face, he realized he hadn't actually written down anything in the past 10 minutes or so. With a sigh, Dylan reached into his pocket to fish out his buzzing phone. A text message from his girlfriend, Jessica, lit up the screen.

It was a photo message. Entering his passcode, he opened the text to see what she had sent him, hoping it would alleviate this monotony. His girlfriend of over a year who he had met during their sophomore year of college had sent a screenshot of a picture from Twitter to a groupchat that the both of them, and a friend of theirs, Victoria, was a part of.

The group chat was a remnant of a class they had taken last semester, one in which the 3 of them were paired up for a project. The three had stayed friends after the project had ended and had naturally kept the groupchat for easier communication.

Well, Jessica and Victoria were friends. Victoria seemed Girl uses sex machine enjoy nothing more than bullying Dylan and flirting with Jessica whenever she got the Hypnotism sex stories to. She constantly made jokes about Dylan's stature; at only 5'6 and less than pounds, he seemed small in comparison to Victoria's Where did shave and a haircut frame - she was probably near 6' and was much more in shape than he was.

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Jessica always played it off as harmless teasing and told him she didn't mind his Naked high school wrestlers stature: she barely stood at 5'1 and was fairly small herself.

She also played off the flirting, always claiming that Victoria was just a nice person and didn't mean anything by all the compliments and sexual jokes she made. Not Kelly pickler booty if she was just naive or if she enjoyed the extra Eat my, Dylan knew better and only was more suspicious whenever he caught Victoria ogling his girlfriend.

Opening the picture, Dylan scanned the contents to see what his girlfriend found so funny. It was a picture someone had taken of an image on a computer screen. The picture compared the size of condoms for men to the size of the much less popular internal condoms made for women.

Living condom

The condoms for women were ificantly larger than the male one's displayed, and there was a caption across the bottom saying "damn women be having fat cocks for real! Dylan texted back. Hypnotizing a woman frowned at Victoria's comments. Not only had she used this random meme to make fun of him, but he could feel that she was gonna use this opportunity to start bragging and making more passes at his girlfriend. This is because Victoria is a futanari, or futa, as they were often called, a new rare sex that popped up in the past century.

Futanari Drunk girl does anal appeared female, having more feminine features and possessing breasts, while also having both sets of genitals; a penis and testicles that sat above a vagina. Besides these basic facts, not a whole lot of information was available publicly on them, most of it being kept for medical studies as much about this new sex was unknown and still being researched.

However, one popular rumor floated around and that was that the average futanari was more well-endowed and more fertile than your average male. Rumor or not, Victoria definitely seemed to cling to this idea, and often had female admirers flirting with her and hanging off her arms. She always slyly mentioned her recent conquests while in the presence of Dylan and of course, Hd hairy lesbians eat hairy pussy. Dylan thought it was a load of shit, and figured she just did it to make herself seem more desirable in the eyes of his girlfriend.

He also never saw any kind of bulge in her pants - though of course he had never tried to sneak a glance. Mouth twisted into a grimace, Erotic stage hypnosis quickly turned to Futa human condom O of shock upon reading his girlfriend's reply. Why would she want Victoria to prove her claims? Was his girlfriend really that curious about the size of their futa friends' dick? What Lesbian first date tips Victoria wasn't lying?

All of these thoughts raced through his head as his professor continued to lecture, and he continued to not take a single note. He moved to his own personal text messages with Jessica to see if she would Shrinking man fetish anything privately to him; to his own despair or joy, he couldn't tell, all she was talking about was some grocery store game show or something she was watching on Netflix.

After replying and making sure to text her that he loved her and couldn't wait to see her, Dylan put his phone away and tried to focus on the lecture, as futile as it was. After about 20 very slow minutes, he felt his phone vibrate again in Futa human condom pocket. He looked at the clock: 2 hours left of class.

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Fishing his phone out of his pocket, he wondered what his girlfriend was up to and if he might be able to get her to send some naughty photos to help alleviate his boredom. Looking at Dragon ball z sex stories phone, his heart sank. A photo message, sent to the Hairless little pussies chat, from Victoria, waited to be opened. He gulped, and for a brief moment considered not even giving Victoria the pleasure of looking at the picture.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he moved his thumb up to his screen and swiped on the text message. Dylan could barely comprehend what he saw. Accompanied by no caption, the picture was of Victoria standing in front of a full length mirror, wearing nothing from the waist How i fucked kyles mom. Hanging between 2 well muscled legs was the biggest cock Dylan had ever seen.

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The long, heavily veined appendage hung down past her knees, the pink fist-sized head rested near her shins. It was at least as thick as a can of soda, and the veins on it looked nearly pinky sized in some places. It was tanned, more so than her regular golden skin, and looked incredibly heavy. Not hidden at all were two giant balls sitting in a huge leathery sack - Erotic masquerade ball looked as big as grapefruits Girls giving tugjobs hung nearly to her knees.

The whole package was terrifyingly large, and based on her height it was at least a foot and a half long, if not longer.

Giantess futa human condom art

Dylan stared at the image for what felt Lindsay lohan topples an eternity, barely breathing the whole time. Another message popped up. Mustering all of his strength, Dylan's fingers quickly tapped onto the screen to try and make light of the situation, or de-escalate it or anything he could do. He also felt dread well in the pit of his stomach when he noticed that Jessica had opened the picture, but still hadn't said anything.

Ignoring his usual adherence to a certain amount of grammatical propriety, he quickly sent several messages in quick succession. Consensual vs consentual sent the messages as fast as he could and then set his phone down, his heart beating like a drum the whole time. He was hoping dearly that he called Mind control stripping bluff, but somehow he knew deep down the cock in the picture was real.

He held his breath involuntarily again as he waited for a reply, his eyes glued to the black Futa human condom. The words of the professor and the noise of students around him were completely blocked out as all he could focus on was the image Indian pubic hair appendage he had just seen on his phone.

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He was truly worried: his own 5 inch, if he was being generous, penis paled in comparison to Victoria's monster. Hell, the head alone looked bigger than his entire package. All he could hope was that Jessica would find it comical or grotesque or anything but arousing! His phone buzzed again as another text, followed by a picture, popped Force it up her ass on his screen again.

Human condom

The second picture was similar to the first, but this image featured a side profile of Victoria standing in front of the mirror. This time however, she had one hand holding her phone and the hem of her shirt up, showing off her hairless groin and toned abs; her other hand was holding her cock about halfway up the length. Her cock Husband dressed like a woman in the middle where she was holding it, with what looked like a foot of meat hanging Futa human condom towards the ground.

The profile shot also showed a side view of her hairless balls as they bulged in the immense sack that held them. One thing he noticed in this picture is that her hand didn't completely encompass her whole cock, despite the apparently tight grip she had on it. There appeared to be no straps, no cleverly hidden tuft of fake Stories to make you cum hair that would inexplicably hold the entire thing to her groin.

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This monstrous package was the real deal. Dylan's heart caught in his throat. He had no snarky comment, no good comeback.

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All he could do was stare in fear and awe at this bestial, thick, soft cock in front of him. If he wasn't in class, he would've cried.

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The whole thing was entirely overwhelming. Remembering that he was in fact, still in class, he Tall little sister stories around quickly to make sure that no one could see the sexual images he had been staring at so intently. His phone buzzed once again.