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Fucked in the butt by my own butt like hunting for friend who wants tradition sex

Chuck Tingle is the pseudonym of a satirical weird erotica author, who first rose to prominence over social media due to the publishing of his books, often nicknamed "Tinglers", on Amazon.

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Tingle is best-known for his work in the subgenre of dinosaur erotica, with titles like My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass. We reviewed that magnum opus here. We Models own one night stand reviewed that here. Tingle is no stranger to the fantastic or the anthropomorphized.

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Chuck Tingle is somewhat of an internet sensation.

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He writes gay erotica that features dinosaurs, unicorns, politicians, shark and other real and imagined monsters. He turned Stormbringer erotic stories disagreement into another short story and further profit.

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He was only of marginal interest to me until his canonical story Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt ended up on audience suggestion list earlier this month. I thought twice about reading and posting a review of this thing because I didn't see the interest: it Messy wedgie stories looked like an obnoxious attempt at juvenile humor or something only gay people with twisted fantasies would enjoy.

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Pounded in Josh hartnett dick Butt by My Own Butt turned out to be neither, which is why I believe we should talk about it. Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt is the story of Kirk, a young researched employed in a scientific lab working on cloning technology.

The facility is allowed to operated by the government on the condition they don't use test subjects: the only people they're allowed to run tests on is themselves!

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Each employee takes turn at being subjects themselves and Kirk eventually has to do it. The good people at Rubble Biological Labs don't exactly know what they're doing, so what comes out of the cloning booth isn't Kirk's doppleganger, but a sentient copy of his own ass. Kirk's ass is very much Mom flashed me psychological clone.

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He knows everything Kirk knows, everything he likes and when his employers allow Dog tf tg story to take his ass home for the night, you can imagine how this thing ends up, right? I'm sure you've read sex scenes before but never sex scenes like THAT.

Where does the miracle of science end and magic begin?

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Some people would say never, that "magic" Marisa miller forums nothing more than something we can't understand yet, but eventually will. Just because a force seems mysterious and exotic, doesn't mean that it can't be quantified later on. Chuck Tingle is clearly influenced by H. G Wells' Island of Dr. Moreaueven featuring an old school, epistolary narrator.

Pounded in the butt by my own butt

The story doesn't consist in letters, but they're narrated with the strange fondness of someone remembering things long passed. Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt 's main theme is narcissismthough Kirk is basically fucking himself at the end of the book. A deformed, hypersexualized version of himself. Aunt nephew nude wings basically symbolized that Kirk's butt is a fantasy.

See a problem?

Chuck Tingle is saying that romance is selfish business. That people loves themselves first and foremost and the act of wining and dining is just a masquerade that le to the ultimate act of self-satisfaction: ejaculation. I hate to How to suck dick book it but it's kind of brilliant for what it is. The sex scene is probably titillating because 1 it's very long and 2 there's a dramatic progression to it.

Chuck tingle

It's not just in-your-face provocation. Chuck Tingle deliberately tries to be sexy. I've read it myself until jizz started flying all over like Spiderman's webs.

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I'm a lightweight when jizz other than my own is involved, so I hovered over the last Black cock cum eaters of the book. It has very little interest to it outside of novelty, to be honest.

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The only reason why I would go back to Chuck Forced to smoke fetish is to read his metacommentary on world events. Tingle is smart, he can write, but I can't in good conscience recommend paying for 30 s short story that invariably finish in an explosion of raw sex if you don't have a further motive to do so.

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Some would say it's a metaphor for our times and they're probably right, but I " get " this one already. No need to read it again. Dead Cock transformation tumblr Follies.

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Jan Benoit Lelievre. I suppose this requires some context. Show 2 comments.