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I'm date female who wants Fem domme society

So I will enlighten you about it. Firstly, it a Female Dominated website. The Minotaur x reader Upgrade fees go back into the maintenance of the website and helps to protect against fake Dommes who prey on men for money.

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Mistress Bella's Stable's. Welcome. Site Map. The Stable.

Years: 68
Iris color: Cold gray-blue
My hair: Redhead hair
Body type: My figure type is quite thin
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink stout
Smoker: Yes

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and Miss vickie/s stories on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please Excuses for hickeys leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is another in the chronicles of sclabh Irish for slave. Sclabh is a 24 year old female police officer leading an off duty life as a submissive of Ms Brigit O'Toole. I knelt at Ms Brigit's feet, my usual position, knees spread and hands interlocked behind my neck.

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In this position my cunt and tits were always available to my Domme. Brigit, spoke in a conversational tone to me.

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This is a business meeting of about a dozen or so members, some will Gymnast accidental nudity their submissives, some will not. I will be bringing you. Red haired elf male Brigit O'Toole went on to explain that the submissives attending would serve food and drink to the Dommes, but otherwise Fem domme society seen and not heard.

Ms Brigit and I left the next morning for the minute drive, arriving shortly before I had been instructed that I would be in the service of Coed masturbation club Domme there and that any instructions received should be considered as coming from Ms Brigit. The main floor was for the Dommes to gather and meet, the submissives were to stay in the basement unless working or otherwise ordered.

As we pulled into the driveway of a modern home of average size, Ms Brigit explained the protocol further. Once I am invited in, you will ask permission to enter. Treat everyone and anyone as your superior. I opened the screen door and Ms Brigit gave a slight knock and the door immediately opened. A well-dressed, good-looking man in his fifties greeted Ms Brigit. Ms Brigit gave a curt nod and walked in, Her body looked magnificent in a Free beastiality chat skirt and matching vest of soft black leather that highlighted Her red hair and green eyes.

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The vest highlighted Her cleavage and faint freckles. Killer heels brought Her 5'9" frame to over six feet. As I stepped in I noticed he wore a Grandmas big nipples black collar of seemingly high quality.

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I quickly removed my clothes, folding them neatly by the door. Walking into the kitchen I realized that I seemed to be the only naked female in the house. I caught up to Xandria pillow talk Brigit as She chatted with another Domme. Once at Her side I assumed my kneeling position.

Mistress Jeannie was speaking about me as though I was for sale at the local pet store; which I guess I was.

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Mistress Jeannie looked me over as I held my position, knees apart; hands behind my neck. She stroked my hair Wife tries anal tumblr I fixed my eyes on the floor. She then began to lightly fondle my tits. The house began to fill-up with Dommes and their submissives. There were nine male submissives including the door slave and four females. I began to feel more venerable by the minute as I realized I was the only naked submissive in the house. The Dommes ranged in age from young to older; some in fetish wear and some not.

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Ms Brigit was far and away the How to suck on titties beautiful person in the house even without my bias. The meeting wore on as I served coffee, soda and such stopping every so often while a Domme casually tweaked my nipple or swatted my ass playfully.

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I caught a look from Ms Brigit and was rewarded by a slight smile. The conversation drifted from subject to subject as the meeting wound down. All the submissives rotated through the kitchen and various jobs but me; I continued to be the server. Mistress Jeannie called Her slave into the living room and announced the meeting would be adjourned shortly. I was shocked; no stranger to sucking and fucking, I hadn't blown Inflatable suit fetish guy in couple of years, preferring the warm folds pussy to cock, but here I was sinking to my knees in front of a room full of people saying "Yes Ma'am, thank-you Ma'am.

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Mistress Jeannie's' slave hurriedly shed his clothes. His semi-erect cock was thin but above average Voyeur villa archive length. He stood expressionless with his hands behind his back, making me shuffle forward on my knees to get him in my mouth. I was sure he would fuck my mouth hard but he didn't move. He just stood quietly, legs apart and looking straight ahead; I took him into my mouth.

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I slowly sucked on the head of his cock, taking just the first inch or so into my mouth. I released him to tongue around the tip of his cock and stick the point of my tongue into his slit. His dick was definitely Fem domme society to life; while Black married couples making love began tasting a hint of salt.

I could barely hear the catcalls from the audience as I took as much of the cock as I could swallow. I began to slowly suck the length of the cock, pausing to run my tongue around the head to the delight of both the recipient and onlookers. Immediately I repositioned myself to slowly suck a testicle Blow jobs gone wrong my mouth to the mounting cheers. I released the ball and quickly sucked in his other ball, noting his breathing was quickening, although he continued to remain perfectly still.

I went back to his cock and drew him into my mouth making slurping sounds that echoed off the walls. As the noise level in the room grew so did my speed; I slurped and sucked the cock faster and faster. The slave never moved, just groaned as he came in Strapon for males mouth.

I almost gagged as my mouth filled with his cum and his body twitched in Powergirl and supergirl fanfiction.

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I continued to suck as the twitching slowly subsided. Mistress Jeannie ordered Her slave to the floor and onto his back as I continued to kneel with a mouthful of cum. Mistress Jeannie ordered me to deposit his cum into his mouth. I leaned over and dropped the saliva mixed cum into his open mouth. A hand reached into my cunt from behind and Mistress Jeannie said, "Brigit, your little slut is sopping wet!

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Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Brigit looked at me and simply said, "Blow him. A female voice yelled, "The balls Mistress Jeannie replied, "Yes, you may cum", adding, "sclabh, don't swallow his Wifes favorite dildo. I rolled my tongue around his open mouth as he hungrily sucked the cum from my mouth.

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