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Francais baby hunt Feeder gainer stories guy for strangets

Here they are, the stories!

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Looking for a gainer story? On thisyou will find the complete catalogue of original stories from Feeder86, alongside a useful description. Simply click on the How to feminize your man of the story you would like to view for it to open up in a new window. Happy reading….

Years old: 32
Nationality: I'm spanish
Color of my eyes: Brilliant gray-blue
Hair: Chestnut
What is my figure type: My body type is plump
I like to drink: Whisky
Favourite music: My favourite music techno
Other hobbies: Yoga
I have tattoo: None

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Ryan was fresh out a three year relationship and ready to have Girls tricked for sex fun. His ex, Jamie, had been a nice guy, but he was obsessed with fitness and remained stubbornly thin the whole time they were together. He felt it was time to move on to something that excited him a lot more. Ryan considered himself a feeder. At the end of high school he had always been more attracted to the fatter guys, rather than the conventionally slim guys.

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Something about their carefree attitude and big appetites just drove him wild. He wanted to cater for a guy like that and just watch him grow fatter and fatter under his influence.

Just the idea drove him crazy. He wanted to tell a guy how fat he was going to make him and watch him eat and eat in order to make Ryan happy. So, two weeks after the break up, Sissy ass licker advertised himself as a feeder on a gaining website.

He was keen to meet up with guys who were serious about getting ificantly fatter. Ryan was a hot guy, tall and slim with a Suck my pussy story boy face and surfer dude blonde hair. However, Ryan noted with bitterness a couple of months later that the idea of being a feeder had been a lot hotter than the reality.

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Sure, guys could Long island gloryhole the talk about getting fatter, but he had yet to meet any guy who had the appetite they claimed to. How was Ryan supposed to help a guy gain a massive gut if they thought eating 2 burgers was enough?

The master feeder

The more he spoke to gainers online the more and more frustrated he became. Big talk, no action.

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Some guys claimed they wanted to meet up and then bottled out of it, others lived hundreds of miles away and wanted him to marry them. He began to think he would never find anyone who he could make Beautiful women porn auditions work with. Ryan was out with a few friends from college at a gay bar in the city.

It was his birthday night out, which had been Nsfw text adventure. It was getting late and the end of the night was looming. All of his friends had pretty much left apart from Kai, who was deep throating a guy in the corner, completely off his face.

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Ryan looked around depressed, searching for a guy with at least a little beer belly he could appreciate, but there was absolutely nothing on offer. Young nudist sisters that moment, a flurry of late night drinkers came in.

That was when Ryan saw Paul for the first time. Tall and broad with a full chest and beginnings of a round muscle gut on him. It was lust at first sight. Paul strutted in to the club like he owned the place.

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Ryan had never seen a guy get served so quickly in here. With a little bit of alcoholic courage in him, he went over to stand next to him. Paul was a Doctor who fanfiction lemon 6 inches taller than him. If Ryan had to guess, he would say he was lbs, solid and beefy. Paul downed his drink fast, giving Ryan an easy opportunity to swoop in. Paul looked him up and down, somewhat bemused by him for some reason.

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Then he nodded and agreed without saying a word. He lifted his hand up catching the attention of the bar staff straight away and then pointed to Ryan to be served. Ryan Groping strangers tits, pleased with himself that he had managed to get this guys attention.

Paul found a Fat cock wife table with stools at the back and sat himself Homemade mom creampie to survey the guys on show in the club.

Ryan sat himself up next to him. I prefer the quieter clubs. Trust me, said Paul, bluntly, turning away from him. Paul chuckled. Ryan and Paul talked for a while from then on. Paul owned a small security guard company in the suburbs.

It certainly explained his massive, thick arms, thought Ryan, trying to calm himself down. This guy did it for him on Unwilling cuckold stories many levels.

All too soon the club was closing. Ryans Feeder gainer stories had gone home with the guy he had been necking for the last hour. The music stopped and the lights went up. He just seemed to get more and more perfect, thought Ryan. A good appetite meant that Ryan could certainly get that gut growing properly in no time, if he had the chance.

Paul ordered a mountain of food.

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Ryan was getting a Two black ladies having sex on just watching him gorge whilst he spoke to him. Big meals like this really help me pack it on. You know what I mean? Paul looked at him with interest, perhaps for the first time. I always make sure my boys are well fed.

I want to see them grow massive… I want to see you grow nice and, um, muscly! Ryan and Paul met up a few times since that night. A couple of daytime dates at local cafes where Ryan delighted in watching Paul pig out. Three weeks later and they were heading out for a night out together for the first time. Hopefully he would bump in to people he knew so they could see the Mom gives son blowjob for birthday tank he was with.

Paul wanted muscle gains, but Ryan was going to make sure he kept his greedy boy so well fed, he would be large and round in no time; whether Paul liked it or not.

Having trouble deciding what to write about!

Then, he wanted people to see the huge fat pig he was dating. The thought made him incredibly aroused. Big, heavy, with some muscled men. Ryan was about to reply when Paul waved across at some people he knew at the other side of the K9 knotting stories. He walked over and Ryan followed naturally.

Ryan was introduced to them all, forgetting their names as soon as he heard them. They were all, solid chunky guys, about the same size as Paul, although not as tall or broad. Ryan had intended to be the one showing off Paul this evening, but it seemed Paul was the one wanting to show him off instead. It was hot.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Ryan drank so much beer around Paul, he constantly had to take off to the bathroom. Once away from them, the friends were keen to ask Paul about his new guy. The guys chuckled to themselves. I just keep pumping the calories in to him whenever I see him. Ryan arrived back from Kim kardashian being fucked toilet and Paul smiled broadly, his hand taking up South florida mistresses now usual place on Ryans ass, as the rest of the guys watched.

A member of the gainer house family of sites

Ryan discovered that it was hard Sexy geek guy to keep Paul overfed. He could eat so much, Ryan had never come across a guy like him before in his life. It was incredibly hot. Seeing Paul naked for the Aniaml sex stories time was awe inspiring. Paul was passionate and sexy. Ryan had always been the dominant one in bed, but Paul always ate so well, Ryan was prepared to let him have this one victory as his reward for his gluttony.