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About Map Blog Contact. Using her meta-strength wonder woman lifted a Lesbian pee sex stories piece of debri and threw them at the minions burying them under it, while flash took the civilians out of the danger zone.

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That Logo was on every Character toy box of the show : Batman, Superman, …. Its a Marketing team! No protectors here. No Lanterns.

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With that in mind, here are 10 couples fans wish were real, and whom we agree would bring a good amount of intrigue if they were to become canonical. This wishful thinking began due to one of the scenes in Suicide Squadwhere the film tried to be edgy as we saw Harley Quinn kiss Batman for Sex slave humiliation stories reason while he resuscitated her.

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And you know, we think the idea holds a lot of promise too. Of the little that was good in Justice LeagueBest lap dancer in the world dynamic between these two characters was one of the finer points. Fans have been intrigued by the possibility of a romance between these two, as it would be a god and a cyborg attempting to find humanity in one another.

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These two have already been a couple in the DC Animated Universe, where their pairing made a whole lot more sense than Clark and Lois. With Ben Affleck and Amy Girl fucks younger brother, fans had their fan fiction interests ready the moment they saw how attractive this pairing would be.

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It would make sense too if Ben Affleck would want to return and Henry Cavill really is done with the DCEU, as we could see Lois reach out to Bruce and both these characters filling the space Superman left by Doctor masturbated me together. It would also make for a heck of a storyline if Superman returned and we had Bruce and Lois as a couple.

You can thank Jimmy Kimmel for striking this idea in the minds of fans, as an episode of Sundress no underwear Kimmel Live!

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This could very well be the couple you never knew you wanted until you realized how awesome it would be. It just might be crazy enough to work.

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Women flashing drivers was also somewhat romantic how they perished together with the understanding that a good death was its own reward. Unfortunately, it appears only the fans have caught on to this chemistry between these two, as those who appreciated their connection have hoped that Faora and Nathan might still be alive in the Phantom Zone, where Nathan managed to turn her away from the evil ideals fed to her by General Zod. If we had it our way, a better way to make this a canonical couple would be to show it in flashbacks, where we see Lex being jilted in some romantic Dat booty poem from Mercy that motivated him to have her killed.

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It would bring the glances they constantly exchanged in great context, while pleasing fans who want this couple to be a real thing. As far as a ificant portion of fans are concerned, this is already a canonical couple in the DCEU.

You have to hand it to the actors for having such remarkable chemistry, as the most favored fan fiction seems to be where Bruce and Crossdressing son stories get together.

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It was one of the best angles in the DCAU as well, and it would be a shame if things remain only in the wish lists of fans rather than something we see onscreen. Apart from freelance Huge tit force fuck, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart.

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