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I would Dragon age inquisition kittys collar good or bad looking up chica that like henessy

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Post a Comment. One of the greatest things about RPGs is how personal they feel, and of c No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Today I decided Girl flashes drone load up an old save from just before I hit up Trespasser. He was throwing walking bombs and fireballs around with such regularity the screen went permanently purple and red. Walls of flame roared to life, trapping some poor demons in with a fully powered Tevinter mage and his several now very scared companions.

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His magic vaporized targets without warning, mercy, or hesitation. Hopefully the Maker will take pity on his Dads tighty whities children, for Dorian had none to spare. I now fully understand how Tevinter conquered all of Thedas and am worried for Bull if he and Dorian ever have a serious argument.

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Did he have Kitty Collar on? Cause if so, go ahead and add immortal to his list of OP abilities lol.

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I put the Kitty Collar on him for my last playthrough on Hard. Holy shit, dude.

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No Kitty Collar but last time I ran Trespessar I gave him that staff that lit enemies on fire whenever he was in combat. I wore that myself in my first playthrough, but my God Dorian is op.

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Lol I freaking love Dorian. I always make my female elf buddies with him as fast as possible.

Dorian is terrifying [no spoilers]

That sums up how I setup Dorian in my play throughs along with adding kitty's collar and the heart of rage staff in Trespasser. Lol, Dorian with the simulacrum?

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Give him the passive abilities that will make panicked enemies leave a flaming trail behind them and the fire mine one that launches them up in the air. Sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

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Dorian is Cheating snapchat gfs absolute beast and unleashing him on my foes feels like letting a furious mountain lion out of a cage to just maul whatever is in front of it, only the mountain lion sets everything on fire and raises the dead.

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Dorian is Terrifying [No Spoilers]. Posted by Arcane Warrior.

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Kitty's collar hero suggestions

Arcane Warrior. Continue this thread.

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Can I get you a ladder I now fully understand how Tevinter conquered all of Thedas and am worried for Bull if he and Dorian ever have a serious argument Dorian does not seem to be the physically abusive type. The Problem Bear. A community Kushina hurts naruto fanfiction Dragon Age fans, noobs, and ogres. Created Oct 1, Top posts march 2nd Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.