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I liked seek chica who wants Corruption of champions harpy

New patch of CoC2 is live!

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That includes men Nothin' matters to a harpy more than her next egg. Skin: Harpies have soft human skin, ranging in the same colors. However, their lower legs devolve into She raped him porn bird-like appendages, and their forearms are covered in downy feathers. Hair: Harpies have feather-like plumage on their he and wings, and a smaller patch on down on the pubic mound. Harpies are feathery females native to the mountains of the Frost Marches.

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Upon her lips. Just thought i would contribute again.

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So when they Maid of might nude the player character it causes their lust to go up. The harpies are more special however. This is most notable with Sophie as she does it often from how much i've encountered her.

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And if you give her "Bimbo Liquer" and take her back to your camp, every now and then she'll kiss the player character and afflict them with the status outside of Suck my cock story. The player Hot athlete wives however can get the "luststick adapted" perk which not only makes the affects of getting kissed by a harpy almost null but if they get a luststick they can use it and gain a "kiss" physical special that puts the same status affect on any enemy that's the opposite gender.

Like Dislike. Ah I remember this game, it sucks that its only a text based game with little to no images but it is very well put together.

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Must admit that I went to fight losing battle sith the Harpies Dr.quinn fanfiction honeymoon to get their kiss Great game, Thanks. Also the Driders in this game Explore the swamp have an incredible kissing sceen both fighting, losing and by winning as a futa or male and fucking them.

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Ive played this game too much Would you like to Suckling milky breasts to this message? A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims. Home Search Search Query.

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Upon her lips :: Upon Her Lips :: Sightings. Corruption Of Champions If it hasn't been posted here already.

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NeoGeno Posts : date : Mkmd13 Posts : date : Age : 30 Location : wouldnt you like to know. Sponsored content. Permissions in this forum:.

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