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Constable Frozen is a Tumblr based Megan fox landing strip for the Disney animated film, Frozen known for posting bizarre edits of the film without context. The blog amassed a large following on Tumblr and attracted mainstream attention when users began to hypothesize that the unknown person behind the had a vore fetish.

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Well, here's a story we weren't expecting to ever write - a Tumblr focused on photoshopped scenes Erotic asphyxiation stories Disney's Frozen has been accused by fans of secretly smuggling in ice cream-based fetish content. Welcome to people.

Welcome to my mine — portaltwo: constable-frozen: tangled i am

NYMag's Select All reports that popular 'Constable-Frozen', which has amassed tens of thousands Neighbor girl sex story followers for it's surreal picture edits of the animated musical mashed up with other Disney and Marvel properties, is now being called out online for seemingly adding in some odd fetish themes. Alarm bells were first raised when a post featuring characters from Tangled was published depicted characters with ball gags and tied up:.

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Unsurprisingly, users were immediately concerned by this uncharacteristically violent content. Nude athletic couples follower named Portaltwo commented "I am genuinely so fucking afraid of this post. Is this a fetish?

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Are we unlocking constable frozen lore? There's a weird eating thing that pops up a lot. Here's a photoset that appears to show Elsa and Anna eating Merida from Brave's hair???

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Tree nymph tattoo the artist's identity has been shrouded in secrecy for years, Select All appear to have tracked him down, talking to Shin Chul in South Korea via Google Translate who proclaimed that "My blog is not a fetish blog. I hate vore.

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Either way, it would appear that thousands of his fans will never look at Sexy asian handjob in the same way again. Listen to the PopBuzzPodcast with Camila Cabello right here or subscribe for free on iTunes to get new episodes sent straight to your phone every Friday.

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