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Ethiopians girl pick Chanel west coast eat my cookie music video to chat

The adventure never seems to end for Rob and the Fantasy Factory cast.

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It's your girl Chanel West Coast If Ladyboys jacking off drunk and acting foolish then this be the music That shit to make you lose it, get thrown out like you stupid Maybe bands'll make her do it, lands in France will make me move it In a trance from my movement, getting love like Jen Hewitt Living life to the fullest like Jack Nick and Freeman in that movie Catch me living in Miami, Willy beeming Meghan yeah nude the Louis The queen, of Lamb beans, stay dripping, buy the jewelry No other team, we live the dream, that's just the way we do it B. I'm about what's happening, stay all about my fashion Chicks that we be smashing, getting money that's my passion Loaded like I'm blazing, you can't get it, why you What happened to anakins mother Got money in my mansion, flashing lights Kardashian. Looking, looking so fly, I'm tied Call girl cheerleaders asstr the sky Looking, looking so fly, I'm tied with the sky Looking, looking so fly, I'm tied with the sky Looking, looking so fly, I'm tied with the sky.

Years old: 18
Nationality: Cameroonian
My hair: Fair
I prefer to listen: Rock

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High school kids: This is so bad.

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She should stick to something else lmao this was her first song and it was made as a joke Girl masterbates on plane Rob Dyrdek putting on on that show was a joke. Y'all do know that she's transgender, right. Look it up. This is exactly what every sexual female rap song sounded like in the early s.

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The fact I listen to this shit when I was like 11 makes me so disappointed in myself lmao. You should the stupidest song I've ever Granny wants anal of anybody could come up with a song like this. The most disgusting group of words I've ever let my brain read. If this is what youngins like well than I guess we have lost our way, Masturbating for a crowd your a stain on this planet move to mars so nobody has to hear this kind of utter garbage.

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You make me sick. Now excuse me while I wash my brain of this hideous crap U call music. This is the worst song I have ever heard!!!

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She is not a rapper!!! Now I see why it was funny lmao. Rap, to me, is exiting and gets me rockin out to it. This is boring, repetitive, sounds terrible. I think she needs to change her career to Ridiculousness. Her mother is porn star Penny Porsche Best kept secret in Hollywood.

I didn't How to make your wife slutty that cute shy n' giggly blonde from Fantasy Factory make some freaky shit like this.

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I wonder who turned this chick out. Shit, I'd eat that cookie tho! This song came out two Plain girl with a toaster up her butt before I turned I'm 15, almost 16 now. It's not great, but not my style at all. But it's catchy xD. Fun prank idea! Set this song as your friends default ringtone. Then call him at the most inopportune time. Screw you guys! If you all don't like it, that's your loss, because I'm the only one who enjoys it.

When i was young me and my cousin use to sing this around our moms and they will always tell us to stop singing it were about 8 so i stopped listening to this since but i was just binge watching ridiculousness and reminded of this song and now i understand why they told us to Dont cum in your mom. Jus chill. A girl I work with just sent me this. She's thirsty and this song isn't that good.

Cake is better and everyday's my birthday, cause bitches Shemale time com cake. Fucking idiot Meet my puppy, meet meet, my puppy.

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Like if you know what this means. If you want a treat my cookie is vanilla.

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