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Working through several non-allies Sexy stories for him started to deal his way toward a short list of possible renoms. There was plenty of drama for Mark over comments by Christmas about his showmance. Talk turns to Josh as they laugh at his erratic behavior.

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Another Cougar lez nude, another fight in the Big Brother 19 house. This time the house blowup started over some cereal no, really and escalated from there. Josh is mad at Mark. She says she was trying to be nice to him. Cody says he wishes they all hated him. Elena screams at Josh for him to let her finish speaking. Pride vs dignity says he wants people to know that Elena is a liar.

He says she and Mark are both flip-floppers.

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Or something. Everyone is yelling and interrupting each other. Alex asks Elena what she drives? Elena says she drives an Audi and starts talking about work.

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Feeds cut. Cody is still outside sitting quietly.

Big brother live feed nude

She says he was either trying to make sure the target is still on him over Ive got mexico lyrics or he was reversing it and trying to put the target on Elena. But then Raven comes in and no one is able to discuss it.

Paul says as soon as Mark and Elena are out, they need to go.

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He says they can keep making Mark feel comfortable and then go after him instead of Elena. Then they try to figure out who goes out after Mark and Elena. Paul asks if they should get Mark out then Matthew and leave Raven and Elena. Josh says no, because he wants Elena out. They tell him more of what Elena has been saying about distancing herself from Mark in the Russian roulette sex game. So who knows what happens to that large group then.

Ready to find out what happened next?

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Alex started a fight with Cody because he ate the cereal she likes. I have no words.

Big brother 19 live feeds week 1: saturday highlights

Not so much. Not gonna be one of his minions. He is just horrible this season and no amount of reasoning can justify his behavior.

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Wait for it…it gets worse each week. I am a paul fan as well. This was actually a fight that nothing to do with Paul. Actually he stopped it. I know right? So because she likes cola and the specific cereal, nobody else can have any?

Big brother 19 live feeds week 7: tuesday daytime highlights

Well she prefers to be called Alex so that could be a hint. Then how was CODY to know. She should lose five lbs. Oh — but it was hers. How intelligent is that? I feel like something happened more with the cereal. Like Cody plan for this to happen.

So apparently there was a massive orgy in bb9

I loved how he sat outside just listening to the fight escalade. He wants the target off his back. Gotta say, Paul actually stopped the fight for once. Made everyone calm down. I feel bad for Cody. I think these people are complete idiots. But then she said she was the only one being nicr to him, if she was then why would she put him up.

I think she said she was trying to be nice by offering to share her food. Alex makes just as much sense as Size queen sex stories else in that house. Why would she share her food and then yell at Cody for eating her food? This season Painful gay sex tell you. Cody and Jessica made the most sense on this show.

Big brother 19

I think if they acted like their he were in the clouds, they would still be in the house. He ate all of Diaper stories pampers instead of just one helping from her. He did it on purpose to start a riot.

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Which he did succeed. Plus, is it really worth getting all that attention on yourself for cereal? Everyone gaslight everyone else as strategy. Encourage everyone to hate everyone else. I thought the same thing.

'big brother 19' spoilers: dominique tells josh about shower peeking rumor – 'bb19' live feeds update

I liked her at first but now…not so much at all. Cody and Jessica said it several times they see Paul as best player, truly he has low to no opposition unfortunately. I just love how Girls who like dp catches onto him.

People have Spanking computer games Paul out time and time again, the cast knows this this cast is just genuinely odd. No flipping votes at all. Cody is already gone, she needs to smoothen relations to get votes at the end but only P thinks like that…strategically. To find anything to use to upset them. That way the attention is taken off of him or hopefully never is directed his way!

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The cereal belonged to her. It was hers to share or not.

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The situation can Stepmom flashes son debated for both sides. But this is a game, about k, she should be more calm and focused on that, she can buy all the cereal she wants with that money lol.

Her attitude is going to be the reason she loses this game. Cody Turned into a girl by my girlfriend already going home, she just needs to let it go. Jackson have you ever lived with a non family member? I get that but why handle it the way she did? These are all adults.

Mark and elena makeup -7/18/17

If someone at work dies something wrong should they expect to be First time pegging story and holllered at like Alex did? Yes this is a game but is the anger really gaining her anything in this case? He is already out the door. I Sex shop flagstaff I lost brain cells reading this.

Then again, with this group, they fight over just about anything. They are too blind to see it. Just give Paul the check now. He just wants to be left alone. I totally get him in this moment.

Big brother live feed nude

They need to back the f off. I know some will, but I listen to how Paul plays these minions!

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Exactly Em. And what about Christmas?? In hindsight, he probably should have went about that another way tho. Oh Boo Hoo! Cody was really rude about it — not even about the cereal. Alex just yesterday spoke to Josh about not blowing up on people for jury management. Matt eats more cereal than anyone, he must not eat the kind she likes.

She went out to do laundry and came back and he polished off the entire Oak magic wardrobe and pretty much told her to deal with it with curse words. She first thought he was playing because it was such odd Cock expansion story but he told them that he wants nothing to do with anyone etc. The way he spoke to her got Jason involved because it was disrespectful.