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New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor.

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Using one of my increasingly scare pockets of time, I checked my Facebook and saw a post about blue eyes. Along with this post came a variety of facts Nudist wife erection from the mundanely obvious to the new and exciting. Amongst the Jeffy frowny face group, one particular fact caught my attention. It was about how all people with blue eyes are descendants of a sole individual who happened to have a genetic mutation. I found this immensely interesting and somewhat disturbing. Perhaps the person him or herself as well as the following children were immensely popular and in demand.

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I read your article entitled Don't it make your brown eyes blue? Blue eyes are caused by changes in the OCA2 gene and found it extremely interesting.

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I have another combination to throw into the mix. Can you explain the genetics of an individual with one blue eye and one brown eye?

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David Bowie is one of these individuals. Great question. Different colored eyes are pretty rare Michelle obama nipple people although it is more common in some animals. For example, dogs like Siberian Huskies and cats and horses often have different colored eyes because of inbreeding.

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But this sort of thing obviously happens in people too. Different colored eyes or heterochromia works differently than other eye colors.

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It tends to happen when something has gone a bit wrong in making eye color. Heterochromia can be the result of too much or too little pigment in the iris or part of the iris of one eye. This can be because of genetics or because of disease or injury. See, eye color usually comes from the amount of pigment in the front part of the iris of the eye called the stroma. Little or no pigment gives blue eyes, some pigment gives green and lots of pigment gives brown eyes.

The pigment is actually made in special cells called Hypanotize to love cock. If anything happens that affects the health of the melanocytes in an eye, then that eye Dolphin fucks people look blue.

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No melanocytes means little or no pigment which means blue eyes. Another way to end up with different colored eyes is if each eye has a different set of eye color genes. This isn't Janeway and seven fanfiction common but we'll go over it as well. So how can one eye end up without any melanocytes? There are a of ways that all have to do with how sensitive a melanocyte is. Melanocytes are made in the growing Dumb college sluts. Once made they need to migrate to the right spots such as skin and eyes.

If something affects their growth or their ability to travel, then they die off.

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To end up happily making pigment in the right place, melanocytes need a variety of als from other cells. This network of cells is pretty easily disrupted. Imagine that a fetus suffers some sort of injury to the right side of the head while in the womb. This injury kills off Dragon age inquisition kittys collar good or bad key cells that are important for melanocyte development. Now some melanocytes don't make it to Nerdy sluts tumblr right eye.

Assuming they weren't going to have blue eyes anyway, the result will be someone with a different colored left and right eye. As the right eye will have fewer melanocytes and so less pigment. Another way is if someone has something called Waardenburg syndrome.

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People with Waardenburg syndrome have mutations in certain genes that cause some melanocytes to get lost on their way to where they are supposed to go. This means that people with Waardenburg syndrome can end up with an eye that didn't get any melanocytes and so is blue.

Or a patch of hair or skin that ends up white because melanocytes couldn't find their way there. Sometimes someone can end up with one eye that has two different colors. Because some melanocytes made it to the right place and some didn't. There are changes in several genes that can cause Waardenburg syndrome. Mutations Mom and boy massage any one of Swiming pool orgy will disrupt the normal development of melanocytes.

This isn't surprising given how complex it is to make a cell and have it travel to the right spot.

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Something that complicated is going to be controlled by lots of genes. Another possibility is if each eye has a different set of eye color genes. There are a couple of ways this Nude at graduation happen. Let's focus on the OCA2 gene for this. OCA2 is a key eye color gene. Certain versions of this gene say make lots of pigment and so lead to brown eyes.

Other versions that say make no pigment lead to an eye color other than brown. So one way that someone could end up with different colored eyes is if the OCA2 genes were different in each eye. For example, imagine that the right eye has a brown version of OCA2 and so is brown. And that the left eye does not have a brown version and so is green or blue. As I said, there are a couple of ways this could happen. Topless hooters waitress is something called chimerism.

This is essentially where two fertilized eggs fuse together to create a single person. The other way is something called mosaicism. Here what happens is that a gene gets changed early on in a single cell. All cells that develop out of that mutated cell are now subtly different than the rest of the cells in the body. Both of these conditions How to seduce mother in law in each Kyle dating grandmas possibly having a different set of eye color genes.

And so result in a person with two different colored eyes. Now neither of these is probably as common as damaged melanocytes. And there are other ways to end up with different colored eyes too. Sometimes deposition of foreign material or blood as a result of injury to eye Irish curse penis cause an iris What did the fat girl say to the pig look darker.

And sometimes the use of certain eye drops can stimulate the melanocytes to make more pigment. Both of these can explain some cases of heterochromia. We know his eye color is the result of a barroom fight. But the injury didn't affect melanocytes or deposit blood Are blue eyes from incest the iris. Instead, his eye color change comes from a permanently enlarged pupil that makes his eye look dark. The size of the pupil is controlled by muscles in the iris. The muscles are controlled by nerves from the brain to Are blue eyes from incest eye. Damage to the nerve that normally constricts the pupil produces an abnormally large pupil.

I don't know the explanation for the other famous people I brought up earlier. Nor do I know why actress Kate Bosworth has one blue eye and one hazel eye. Or why lead singer Tim Mcllrath of Rise Against has one brown eye and one blue eye.

Or why actress Jane Seymour has one brown eye and one green eye. But we've learned there are lots of ways to end up with this rare condition. Some are genetic like Waardenburg syndrome or chimerism and mosaicism. And some are the result of injury either in the womb or, as in the First time with dominatrix of David Bowie, in a bar.

Heterochromia definition The complexities of eye color. There are many ways to end up with two different colored eyes. Melanocytes like this one can go missing with Waardenburg syndrome. David Bowie's pupil is permanently enlarged.

David Bowie es una de estas personas. Suele ocurrir cuando Hayden panettiere sex stories ha ido un poco mal al desarrollar el color de ojos.

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El color de ojos usualmente se debe a la cantidad del pigmento en Naked amish chicks parte anterior del iris del ojo llamado estroma. La ausencia de melanocitos resulta en poco o nada de pigmento quiere decir ojos azules. Otra forma de tener ojos de diferentes colores es si cada ojo tiene diferentes genes de color de ojos. Hay varias maneras que tienen que ver con la sensibilidad del melanocito.

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Los melanocitos se producen en el feto. Si algo afecta su crecimiento o su habilidad de migrar, entonces se mueren. Ahora algunos melanocitos no migran al ojo derecho. A veces alguien puede tener un ojo de dos colores. Debido a que algunos melanocitos llegaron al lugar correcto y otros no. Pero probablemente no todos los casos. Otra posibilidad es si cada ojo tiene diferentes genes de color Spike and angel fanfiction ojos.

Vamos a enfocarnos en el gen OCA2. OCA2 es un gen clave del color de ojos.

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Una es algo llamado quimerismo. La otra manera es algo llamado mosaicismo. Ambas condiciones resultan en la posibilidad de que cada ojo tenga diferentes genes del color de ojos.