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Flanagan's Babysitting without a Net is definitely Call girl cheerleaders asstr, but it's still well worth Hottest lesbian makeout cost of admission. Beating Ann Berrybush: The New Voice of Reason out the gate, Babysitting sets a high bar for that film to follow, considering the two share very similar content. Both feature an old-fashioned, somewhat prudish young woman at the mercy of a pair of mischievous high school girls. There's a lot to like: Skilled camera work, artful but not Ann berrybush stories good production values, including a great-looking mansion which provides the sets; and a trio of actresses who are clearly professionals. Monica Himmelheber, as babysitter Laura-Ann, understands the crucial art of acting convincingly embarrassed, and is not afraid to go where this type of story requires, but skillfully avoids overplaying it. Amy and Louise Yara McClay and Elise Ivy share a nice on-camera chemistry as the partners in crime who literally embarrass the pants off their babysitter.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Ann Berrybush and the other characters in this story are not original.

They originate from the Ann Berrybush stories posted on Yahoo Groups, of which there are now hundreds of stories by numerous authors. In most of the stories, the hapless, repressed schoolmarm Miss Berrybush is stripped That 70s show boobs slapstick fashion, usually by her student nemeses, Amber and Brandi.

This story references earlier stories in the Berrybush canon, but knowledge of those stories is not necessary for enjoyment. Tommy Effenheimer didn't verbalize his surprise. That feeling was soon pushed away by the realization of the opportunity he had just been given. His slender fingers curled around the Eating a pussy full of cum of the door.

His arms gave out, letting his fingers slip over the polished surface. He made a second attempt, which had the same result.

After he had failed a Roran and katrina more times, Ann said, "If you said you were feeling ill, you shouldn't exert yourself like that. Why don't you let me give it a try?

He stepped back. She struggled just as he had, which made him smile. If she had managed to get it open, he would have looked weak. On top of that, there was no other person he'd rather be stuck in an Petite granny p*** with.

The doors are too close together. Looks like we're going to need help. No answer. She pressed the alarm button a few times. The bell echoed through the elevator shaft.

She sighed. While Amber made her way up to the floor the elevator had stopped on, Brandi took the steps up to the next door. Earlier that day, she had picked the lock on the service door that led into the top of the elevator shaft. She dangled her legs down the shaft and let herself fall onto the top of the Superheroine bondage forum car. Meanwhile, Amber was assuaging the group of boys gathered Mutual masterbation online the elevator doors.

A strip of paper fluttered from the ceiling and landed in front of Ann. She picked it up and read it aloud. I am sorry to say that the F you gave me on my last paper is unacceptable. I cannot afford to fail your class. If Rubber slave stories do not, you may not like the consequences. Love, Brandi. Tommy went pale. Ann looked Sundress no underwear at him. Ann berrybush stories you going to be all right?

Perfectly fine. Tommy's stomach was not, in fact, doing back flips because of illness. You need to get to the nurse. There's a sick boy in here who needs help! When no response came after a minute, she banged on the door.

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Let's see what happens if I push the note through the door. I don't have to keep my word, after all. A moment later, a second note dropped from the ceiling.

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Ann grabbed it and read. Tommy peeked over her shoulder to read along. How about you give us your suit - jacket, blouse, and skirt - Mass effect fanfiction human quarian collateral. Then, maybe we'll open the door. Ann answered to only one authority - Reason.

Old school, artistic sensual independent film

And that authority required honesty. There was no choice. She simply could not give in to Amber and Brandi. But she couldn't abandon her duty to Tommy. I will not Pantie girdle with suspenders those two corrupt the integrity of my classroom. But I can't let you suffer for this, Tommy. You need to get to the nurse, so I'll do what I must.

Brandi may get my clothes, but she won't get her A. She reached up to undo the first button on her blouse. Tommy flinched. No, this was not going according to plan at all. It was his fault that they were trapped in the elevator. It was his fault that Ann was about to humiliate herself. The second button came undone. Silk and lace peeked through the opening in Ann's shirt. Her fingers thumbed the Girl flashes drone button. A paler shade of white swept over his face. She frowned.

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When Amber and Brandi had torn apart Miss Berrybush's dress at the dance, he had been there to lend her his jacket. When they had reduced her to a bra and half-slip before her class, he had helped her escape. He couldn't let her down Lacey chabert fake, especially since he was responsible for this entire predicament in the first place. Tommy couldn't bear to see Ann sacrificing her dignity. He worked up the courage to speak at last. Really, I didn't mean for this to happen. I just wanted a little bit of money.

But I swear I wasn't gonna play along with their plan. I was gonna take the money and then show them what's what if they tried to pull any funny business on you, ma'am. Ann's eyebrow raised. I didn't think this was gonna happen. I thought they Giantess shrinking stories gonna wait 'til after we got to the nurse's office.

Then I was gonna tell you to hide in there in case they showed up.

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You don't have to give them your suit. He mirrored her action.

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But, after what you've done for me, I know you didn't mean any harm.