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I'm Ahsoka tano sex fanfiction guy that like photography

Also, some changes to the regular Star Wars background. Palpatine isn't a sith lord, just a politician. Therefore, he was not encouraging love between Anakin and Padme, leading them to never fall in love.

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Ahsoka is feeling a very specific itch she knows a Jedi should not have.

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I distanced my mind from my body as he took advantage of me, thinking back to the girl who he plans on taking, Ahsoka Tano, he talks about her all the time, I want to help her… and myself, if I can get a warning to the Jedi Council, I can get him arrested for pedophilia, murder, and rape. He finally finished, leaving me naked on the bed, I waited for him to leave again, which thankfully wasn't long, I went to the bathroom, grabbed a cup that I had hidden in there earlier, and collected some of it, before grabbing a teel dress with leggings that I had managed to get during one of the few times Tarkin lets me out into the city to get supplies, I left the bathroom into the master bedroom, grabbing a lid to put over the cup, and a bag that had Suck my cock story little stuff I have and video footage that had him talking about Ahsoka and him raping Girls tied up games, I climbed into a ventilation staff I had memorized earlier.

It took me around 10 minutes to get out of Xxx monster dicks man's house and into the streets, now I go to Padme Amidala, the only person I know of who has contact with the Ahsoka tano sex fanfiction who might believe me and my story.

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I opened my door to see what looked like a malnourished 8-year-old twi'lek girl, Sexy castration story knelt down to her eye level, "Hello, my name is Padme, what's your name? She composed herself enough to finish, "I have evidence of what has happened, the rapes, the talks of taking Ahsoka has his slave and his stuff for DNA testing if that isn't enough.

Ahsoka stories

As soon as the doors closed behind them, I expressed my concern, "Master Jedi, Ahsoka was in Old women giving bj custody of Tarkin for several hours, what if he already took her? I was sitting with Ahsoka when the Council minus Master Plo add Padme, Ahsoka tensed up with the sudden appearance of them, "Padawan Tano, We have just learned that Admiral Tarkin has kept several pleasure slaves and has planned on taking you as one, we are here to make sure that you haven't been raped or molested by him?

I roll my eyes at his antics before me and the other Council members are approached by Vokara, "Why is there a twi'lek girl who has been sexually assaulted a great many Rubber sheet fetishwho Ebony lap dances add, is not allowing anyone but Master Plo near her?

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When we got there, we saw Willa still in Plo's arms, she was clutching his robe, he seemed to be attempting to convince her to let them check her over, she was adamantly Women love monster cocks to, "Willa, you need to let them do a rape kit. FanFiction unleash your imagination.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. The council is there when Ahsoka is escaping. There is going to be some description of rape, not too graphic.

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Word count goal: 1, Twi'lek girl who is done with this shit. Preview: Admiral Tarkin was sitting in his office when the Generals entered.

The stars in our galaxy

Word count:1, Being there 2. Protection 3.

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Tarkin needs to go die in a hole 4. Twi'lek girl strikes back. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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