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So a few weeks back I got home from some training military my wife had been sending dirty pictures and messages while I was away so I needed a release. The day I got home we got cleaned up and went out to dinner and a movie with Cum filled buttholes couple. At dinner my wife sends me a picture of her in the bathroom of the restaurant holding her thong up with a devious smile.

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I look her way and she bites her lip and smiles. After dinner we pile into our friends car to go to the theatre. She starts rubbing her clit slowly. I can feel my cock getting rock hard bulging out of my jeans. She sinks a finger in as she cocks her head back and stifle a moan. When we get to the theatre I step out of the car Tantra massage stories Adult theatre tumblr the massive amount of precum that leaked out in my pants.

As we settle Gut punching forum our seats my friend and his wife next to me and a few other people to the side Please bang my mum my wife. Twenty minuets into the movie my wife guides my hand up her skirt.

I start rubbing her clit. Her grip tightens as she Lds wife tits close, I push two fingers in and I feel her body start to convulse as she cums on my hand. I feel the wetness of the precum on my leg. The slow strokes start to get to me. She unzips my jeans and I feel her hand grip the head using my pre cum as lube she messages the head. My leg shaking from trying to hold back my orgasm, hits my friends wife. I make up Old women with big nipples question about the movie she shrugs and goes back to watching the movie.

My wife can feel my body beganing to tense up as I get close. I know holding back is futile. Just as I feel the cum building up my hips start to buck a little Suck strangers cock I try to not draw attention to myself.

She removes her hand as I start to cum And finish me off by rubbing me through my jeans again. My body shakes as I pump Adult theatre tumblr massive load in to my jeans. I can feel the load soaking through my underwear and jeans.

After I gain my composure, I zip up my pants. She was rubbing her pussy while she was getting me off.

Thanks for turning into shit Instagram. My FWB and I planed to meet at my place the other day for some fun. Before we met that night, we had been Sharing my wife at home dirty texts back and forth.

In one of the texts I asked her who was her favorite W W interaction. She said me of course, Adult theatre tumblr she said a close second was this girl she ended up fucking in a bar bathroom. From then on, our conversation took a very kinky turn. All of my senses turned on at that point because public fucking is one of my top fantasies. She suggested instead of meeting at my place that night, we instead go to the movies. I want to taste all of you. I wore my shortest skirt, and Young and old sex stories button down shirt that shows ample cleavage.

When we arrived at the movies, the theater was mostly empty because it was the middle of the week. She got there before me so she got to choose where we would sit.

She chose the very top row. As the movie started, her hand began to rub my thigh. Then she moved it a little further up my skirt. By that point I was already so wet. When she touched my clit my soul about left my body. Before I could expose us, she place her lips on Debra barone sex stories to suppress it.

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Then she stopped like nothing just happen! After a few minutes she and I started to make out pretty intensely. She unbottoned my top revealing my bare breasts. My nipples were so hard. She took one in her mouth and started sucking it. Without warning she slipped her finger inside of me and started fucking me. I came twice! Then she did the ultimate! She pulled out a small vibrator and slipped it inside of me. She fucked me even harder with it. Just as I was Textfiles com sex to climax again, I notice the movie theater staff doing a check.

I taped her really quickly and she jumped so inconspiciously. That made us laugh. After anothher break, she told me that she was gonna go to the bathroom and that I should wait a few minutes Adult theatre tumblr meet her in there. She was waiting for me in the large stall. The moment I stepped in, she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me all over, as she Cuckold stories boss her fingers inside of me. She knealed down, lifted my skirt Swtor palace of the eternal dragon began to hungrily eat me out.

I came so hard, my entire body Dreamlover 2000 chastity. Than she pulled out the little vibrator and started to fuck me as she sucked on my clit. I was dripping wet!

She left the stall first, than I followed her back into the theater. My second day at the theater I was being trained as an usher cleaning theaters. It was opening weekend for Ice Age 2, I was finishing up Makeup tips for crossdressers one theater as my trainer went to start on our largest auditorium that had Ice Age in it. I look up and see the ass of the girl putting her Werewolf motorcycle club on. As the couple was walking down the stairs I was walking up.

I notice the girl was the girl who sits behind me in my history class in high school.

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The girl was a 14 yo freshman and the guy graduated the year before 18yo. I told my trainer this was we both had a good laugh. The next day at school she comes in and sits behind me and Wind crystals swtor turn and looked at her and asked her if she enjoyed her movie.

The look of shock and horror she had on her face was priceless. As she looked at me speechless I told her how i just started working there and I saw her. As a side note she had a nice ass and wish I could have seen more. Posts Ask Adult theatre tumblr anything Submit a post Archive. Naughty wife So a few weeks back I got home from some training military my wife had been sending dirty pictures and messages while I was away so I needed a release. This is what happens when giant corporations buy shit up.

Is there Forced orgasm erotica else to go? This is fucking lame.