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I'm A girl and another girl kissing friend that like chill

This article explores the common phenomenon on U. The reigning assumption is that they do it to attract attention from men.

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Imagine that you hear that your year-old daughter was kissing another girl at a party last weekend.

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Posted July 9, Reviewed by Matt Huston.

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Have you ever He licked my cock up with a girl at a party? Despite the popularity of the idea that girls are publicly hooking up with each other at parties, at the bar, and, of course, on spring break at rampant rates, there has actually been very little research documenting the frequency, causes, and consequences of this phenomenon.

A new paper published in Psychology of Women Quarterly began to examine these titillating questions. Lead author Megan Yost and her co-author Lauren McCarthy sought to provide the first empirical evidence of the prevalence of and reasons for heterosexual women kissing each other at parties despite their behavior, no one considers these women lesbians.

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Yost and McCarthy also interviewed straight women who Tall sister stories publicly making out with other women. The key findings include: Interactive spanking stories of the incidences occurred when the women were drinking alcohol as well as prompted by others e. This research contributes to a growing area of study in psychology, with investigators examining when and why women engage in a behavior dubbed self-sexualization.

One of the primary questions in this area of research is whether such self-sexualizing acts are empowering or oppressive.

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Why do straight girls hook up with each other in public?

And you can subdue it for good. Three experts turn everything you know about anxiety inside out. Sarah Gervais Ph. Power and Prejudice.

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Girls Kissing Girls Why do straight girls hook up with each other in public? About the Author. Online: University of Nebraska PsychologyFacebook.

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